15 August 2011

NYC: Elderly woman on walker struck by City construction front loader, clings to life.

Manhattan Lower East -- Okay so the 'clings to life bit' waxes hyperbolic but in reality anytime you get hit by a 10 ton front loader you could be killed in a heartbeat. I know one thing for certain based on my direct observation is that the HAKS people are taking the matter quite seriously as I imply in the video now uploading.. I spoke with theatre manager Brad Burgess about it and while none of us can pinpoint what color the light was at the precise moment of impact, Mr. Burgess claimed to me and to investigators that the driver (pictured standing behind the woman) was looking backwards at the time of impact. As to anybody who tried to threaten me with release mumbo jumbo, I don't have time for any of that. There was a guy who was a jerk about it, and a woman who was nice about it. To the woman I respectfully decline, to the guy I tell you to go to straight to hell.


Bernadette said...

Thank you Christopher King for taking the time to photograph & film this.

Christopher King said...


Run a word search of your name on this page.

Nevermind, here:


No problem. Make sure to keep me in the loop as things develop, I'm watching who's watching. Make sure they sort her out, I will follow it if you like.


Christopher King said...

And oh, oops, I did it again:



Anonymous said...

You do not give a honest view of things. Which ambulance chaser do you work for.

Christopher King said...

Hey asshole identify yourself in a public debate regarding your concerns.

Otherwise sit down and shut the fuck up, you Internet Warrior you.

I got chunks of guys like you in my stool.