23 August 2011

Nashua PD provides KingCast unsigned Oath of Office for Chief Don Conley.

Bennett, Stephen
6:46 PM (2 hours ago) 

Mr. King: Attached is a copy of the oath the chief of police took upon appointment to his position. The chief of police in Nashua is not required to post a “personal bond” in order to hold that position. The City of Nashua is self-insured. The present overage insurance carrier for general liability is Munich Re. The police department does not have a copy of the prior  SOP 86C.

Steve Bennett
Christopher King to DavidKellyBrianJackjennifer.parent

gmacdonaldmichaelralphSamStephen 9:33 PM (5 minutes ago)

Mr. Bennett:

Thank you for your prompt response. For my edification however, I would appreciate the signed copy.... It need not be the original wet ink signature, this isn't a foreclosure case after all. But of course Judge Nicolosi wouldn't care about that anyway. There's a movie about that, have you seen it?

I see that Nashua is self-insured.... just like AZ with Kelly Ayotte's buddy Joe Arpaio... there's a movie about that, have you seen it?

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