24 August 2011

Nashua PD has to step in and help the Fucci family at 48 Central Street from unruly neighbors.

Cheryl and Steve Fucci filed a TRO against the Starkweather family yesterday after the latest in a recent series of what they claim is abusive conduct coming from the upstairs neighbors. I am out of town but plan on an interview in the next day or two with all parties. It's the house on the right. We'll see how that goes....

"She was on my porch screaming and yelling at my husband I told her to leave. She smashed my head with a plastic cup and I have a bruise and cut on my face above my eye, and I also have black and blue on my arm when I fell back and she hit me...... She has stated directly to me that she has been arrested 9 times for assaulting her boyfriend... and I witnessed her attack an officer early this year [at the residence] She had called 911 then refused to open the door and pushed officer out of the apartment.

Judge Ryan issued a TRO and it was finally served around 2p and even since then they are still threatening us, banging on our windows, slamming on the floor above us, taunting my 8 year old daughter and 17 year old son and telling us they are going to kick our asses."

The Fuccis suspect that the Starkweather family are Confidential Reliable Informants for the government and that they are afforded special treatment because of it. We will see if Nashua PD gives them any more reason to believe so. Sometimes Nashua PD fails to take action when it is clearly warranted, including but not limited to them harassing the son of a City staffer while the suspect fled on foot, and failing to investigate a clear cut case of forgery and wire fraud when I served it to them on platter. I guess they were more interested in a pig roast with people like Dave Ridley, Mike Gannon and Pamela Reynolds on the skewer for having the nerve to videotape them.... after all they got salty with Steve Fucci when he said he wanted to tape record a phone conversation with them as to why it was taking so long to serve the TRO right down the road from LE Central.

Christopher King to StephenDavidKellyBrianJa
9:33 PM (9 hours ago)
What's up guys?

Is the Starkweather family a bunch of CRI's or not? Well regardless of what they are please take care of the Fucci family. They have a valid TRO and are concerned for the safety of their children.

I will be on video with this so try to do the right thing this time.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris! My family greatly appreciates your help with this situation. The Fucci's

Christopher King said...

My pleasure guys anything I can do to help.

I'm in NY now but will be up early next week to

a) refile the clear cut forgery and wire fraud case again

b) stop by and interview you and your neighbor, if you have a phone number for them I would appreciate it.