22 August 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies FOIA request appeals to ten U.S. Senators regarding foreclosure mill Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg's hateful calls to the police on a homeowner; foreclosure mill Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor looks on.

Dear Senators:
It has been just over a month now since Phalen, Hallinan & Schmieg called the police against a homeowner and me and lied to them about knowing who I was or that I had issued a Notice of Media Coverage in the underlying attempted foreclosure case. You should know that robo-signing and other illegal activity is suspected in the underlying case and that the homeowner has never received any certified documents that are required to proved standing, ab initio.

I wrote Ms. Gilligan after following the reasonable advice of a young intern at Senator Menendez' office who witnessed us speaking with the dumbfounded veteran policeman in the hallway who had just bellowed to Phalen, Hallinan & Schmieg "We have two gentlemen here and we don't know what the fuck is going on because nobody is answering the door."

Frankly, she didn't seem particularly inviting and downplayed the young man's position on staff "he's just an intern" and acted as if she had no idea why I was so upset... it was almost as if the homeowner or I had done something wrong or was unwelcome. However, a homeowner group understood full well that I did nothing wrong and copied me on a letter they wrote Senator Menendez noting that the homeowner or I could have easily been shot for Pete's sake..... Meanwhile noted Author Michael B. Hudson "The Monster" is watching, we corresponded early this morning. 
All the foreclosure mill attorneys are watching my posts, wondering when they will get a shot at Internet exposure, all I can tell them is to wait for it, because it is coming and it is coming with a new Canon in 1080p clarity. These firms are obviously ashamed of being seen or they would not act in this manner, calling police and running and hiding..... Golbeck, McCafferty & McKeever and Young, Conaway Stargatt & Taylor to name a few, look below the fold for more on that. I have written Ms. Gilligan on two occasions since then but have not heard back, which makes little to no sense at all:
Here we have a National epidemic of mortgage fraud and fraud upon the Court that has severely compromising our economic and social welfare and I can't get a response to the simple requests that I set forth in this journal entry:

1. An investigation and public reprimand as the proof is all on video;
2. Copies of Constituent Complaints against Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg that he has received either on his own or as a member of any of the following Committees;

Banking Committee

  • Chairman, Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation, and Community Development
  • Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection
  • Subcommittee on Securities, Insurance, and Investment
3. A copy of any and all responses contemplated by the four (4) bullet points received pursuant to your 20 July, 2011 letter to FDIC Acting Comptroller Walsh, Chairman Bernanke and Acting Chairman Gruenberg as linked:

Sen. Menendez and Colleagues Urge Transparency 
in Foreclosure Practices.
I am certain that you all are quite busy with your daily activities and in tracking this very issue, however I am certain you are also aware that mortgage fraud, abuse of homeowners and fraud upon the Court are matters of extreme importance as you noted in your letter one month ago. Can someone please contact me regarding these matters and my inquiry?

A few recent visits by foreclosure mill law firms:

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