16 August 2011

KingCast welcomes NYC's Bernadette to the crazy realm of America's tenuous First Amendment.

Okay I first posted this in Feb 2011 but seeing as Bernadette from NYC, pursuant to KingCast coverage of yesterday's near-tragedy on the Lower East side has joined the journal it is time for a repost. Welcome in my friend, enjoy the ride. 2:25-2:35 is epic; them n____ was sang and sang and sang..... I swear to G-d I just watched that vid 5 times in a row, LOL. Hit the jump page for more Bernadette and some Jackie Wilson.

Every few months or years I am reminded of what an awesome song Bernadette is, music made back before niggas black and white started in with all the misogyny and whatnot. That pause at the end makes me smile every time. Mad props to that bassist brother for his improv, he could have played with the Funk Brothers for certain. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Below the fold: Jackie Wilson.

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