22 August 2011

KingCast tells International Felon, Columbia J-School prof and eMusic CEO Adam Klein: "I'll shoot a hater in a minute, and your daughter says you're a hater."

Lee Levine & Bowswer: What are you starting at MF (My Friends) y'already know this.
So to Provost Steele, Lee Levine & Bowser, Jeffrey Denner et al.:
Her father is "the scum of the Earth... and a Deadbeat Dad."
Note: As to the mother's hapless attorney Jeffrey Denner I already schooled him and his buddy Kevin Barron on the First Amendment years ago when they (and some shady Judges) violated Derrick Gillenwater's First Amendment Rights in his malpractice Action against them when I was Boston Bob. I will show you how Journalism is conducted in the new era. I know exactly what I'm doing here and that is why I hold a First Amendment Mayoral Commendation from New Hampshire in 2007, scroll down to see it. I use media pressure to help promote Justice. I could go away the minute K____ tweets that satisfactory arrangements have been made or I can keep on hammering, take your pick fellas.....What will you do when I show up on Columbia's campus and start asking questions, threaten to arrest me? I'll sue the living shit out of you if you do. Bring it boys I dare you right here and right now in public.... And I'm always in New York, last week I captured a very bad accident with a 10-ton frontloader and an elderly woman. I've just been waiting for K____ to go public, now I can flush all of you down the toilet as I prepare to visit Flushing Meadow for the 2011 U.S. Open.
Go Kimiko Date Krumm!
Go Joker!

Newbies start here and here and be sure to read the KingCast Open Letter to Columbia Provost Steele with eMusic CEO Adam Klein's South African rap sheet. Found it again, I was just looking too fast... the tweet from Adam Klein's daughter... the daughter K_____ with whom he has spent face to face time approximately twice in her life 21 years on this Planet. Fascinating. She went off on him and his high-priced well-
connected attorneys (definitely read this) because of all the years of abuse and contempt they have shown her and her mother, getting away with blatant lies to the Court and getting a horrible child support Judgment by Judge Dorothy Gibson, another hater. This guy lied about his residence to evade service, he lives at 15 Central Park west and is always crying poor pockets when it comes to his daughter.... a real dirt-bagger. I've got my Canons ready and they will fire at a time appropriate, when the enemy least expects it. For now watch the movie. These guys wanted to play hardball, well I'm just getting started. Put me in cold... I'm ready to play. And at bottom, read below the fold to see who's reading what. So what are these Lee Levine fokkers gonna do now besides call my mole a dirty name, call K____ a little bitch, call her mother a big bitch and call me the Venomous Eggplant? Nothing. The more they act like shit they will be reported as such. My Crappy Dads post should soon appear.

Here's the back story about Adam Klein one of Lee Levine & Bowser's more illustrious clients, a man who has overcome the extreme adversity of a having a Felony Conviction on his record to head up countless top-notch communications and entertainment companies including VideoEggMuze, Ask Jeeves (24 July 2000 Employment Contract and 28 March 2001 Separation Agreement with a Cambridge, Mass address), Hasbro and 23 March, 1999 Separation Agreement same address), and now eMusic (no Separation Agreement yet, ahem) with an adjunct position at Columbia's J-School, which may be prompting Time Magazine to consider him Man of the Year. I would support that development because it would undoubtedly lead to increased income, and that could then flow to his daughter in a bitterly-contested child support case. Not to mention the cost of keeping  up those $11M digs at 15 Central Park West. Speaking of income, I have heard many months and years ago that he has never produced any meaningful financial statements. I wonder if that's true.... but of course I wouldn't know because the Court file is sealed, Shadooby.
Folks sure are interested in all of this:

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Christopher King said...

See now it's my turn.

These fat cats have had more than enough time on the microphone, up in the hallowed halls that protect them the most.

As Public Enemy said

"No more music by the suckers...."

"Now we come to the Playoffs...."

"We goin' let you put a black guy in the game!"

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Watch LLB try to run the DBM (Dangerous Black Man) game that American Tower ran a gambit on... and lost.

"He said he would shoot a hater!"

Sorry folks I'm not one of them thar violent negroes, I'll kill you with the death of a thousand cuts though, using a different kind of gat.

Rat-a-tat tat is not the sound of my gat, mine goes "click-click."


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