24 August 2011

KingCast tells Elena Myers at Indy: "You Go Girl!"

Hahahahaaa.... KingCast as Negrodamus told you sexist (and all too-often racist) squids waaaay back when (almost 5 years ago) that Elena Myers could whup a dude's ass. And I don't mean like Danica Patrick, I mean even better comparatively. Suzuki doesn't hand over the controls to a damn GSV-R at Indy to some lightweight. I'm sure most of the men in the sport recognize the talent so you armchair quarterbacks can STFU and watch. When I wrote for the Indy Star I was at the 1990 race, and let me tell you on the infield when those cars go by it's something else, even though I much prefer road course racing.
PS: And believe me those cars were moving out just fine 20 years ago, I think Arie Luyendyk won that year and because of luck and the vagaries of rules I think his posted average speed of 185 is still good today. Shit, 20 years before THAT there was a certain little car called a Porsche 917..... but that gets into my favorite male racer of all time, the inimitable Mark Donohue.

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