30 August 2011

KingCast says "Crack down on illegal immigrants!"

Case in point this seven (yes, 7) year Dartmouth... or it is Dartmeth hahaha.... "Student" Randy Lambreghts...Really dude? Really?

Query, does this explain or have any relevance to the sexed-up couple who fell their asses off the roof of the Alpha Delta (Animal House) dorm? Because you would have to be high as hell to try to have sex on that sloped roof, right. Anyway I see Dartmouth has already checked in on the KingCaster, as well they should because I'm gonna Keep it Real up in here.... I went to prep school so many of my friends like Matt Streeter naturally ended up at Dartmouth in the 80's, it's a great school... but that doesn't mean that its shit don't stink just as bad as the local community college brand X.

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