03 August 2011

KingCast says "bring on the Canon 60D in time for JP Music Festival."

Heck yah I'm excited, it's a good step up from the SX20 IS that will remain in the quiver. Now that the Triumph has settled into a regular maintenance schedule (grrrr.... hiss....) I can buy my new camera in time for the Jamaica Plain Music Festival with 20 bands! The only downside to the 60D is that if you want superzoom you're gonna spend super money for super large lens that is not going to transport easily. And it doesn't have stereo audio input on the body either so you gotta run a shotgun mic, which in the long run will get you better sound anyway, but you know what I mean it's added layers of complexity. It's not like I'm going to use it every time for every occasion but it will be the lead camera for all future Mortgage Movies videos as the quality is good enough for sustained viewing on the Big Screen, and that is precisely where Mortgage Movies is going. There will be plenty of corruption to capture for the next several years, call it job security if you will.

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