25 August 2011

KingCast presents: Happy Hour NYC style.

Some folks think my entire life is spent chasing down and flaming purveyors of hate and injustice, but alas, such is not the case. Every now and then I let my hair down. These scenes are from Happy Hour Lower East last week, not long after the little old lady almost met her waterloo beneath a 10-ton front loader. Speaking of adversity, that Mamiya survived the Civil War in Serbia. Video soon, first I need to check up on that Crappy Dad (i.e. "My father is the scum of the Earth... Deadbeat Dad") International Felon, Columbia J-School prof and eMusic CEO Adam Klein, then upload the artist stills from the Jamaica Plain Music Festival and soon thereafter my boss will be on my ass looking for some work or some shit. I hate that n____ he's always talkin' 'bout "can you do this or can you do that?" and I'm like "Naw n____ why you trippin' can't you see I'm tryin' to get my drink on.... now hand me a paycheck and step off with that whack shit!!!" LOL.... 

Then I have to go to Nashua, NH to refile my forgery and wire fraud complaint that Nashua PD totally ignored the first time see para 4. Never a dull moment here at KingCast studios.

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