20 August 2011

Hoodstock: KingCast, others to share the Spirit of Jamaica Plain Music Festival 2011 with the World.

Up front bias: For 6 years I lived across the street from Goodale Park, the home of Columbus Ohio's Comfest..... which is almost as old as I am.

Rick Berlin called it "Hoodstock...." And that child in mid stride is the one photo that I felt best exemplifies the Spirit of today's First Annual Jamaica Plain music festival. On my flickr page I will present the youth first, because they are the most important resource we have to keep doing this, then the crowd & setup, and then the bands on each successive day starting Sunday night. I am working out details on the audio, stay tuned for that and more commentary tomorrow about what makes JP such a special place to live and to host such an event. Meanwhile also Sunday I can post some music from the Midway last night which hosted a staff afterparty. It is a privilege and an honor to work with the bands, the organizers and all of the other photogs and journos. Heck I even inspired the Patch guy to get up on stage during the Rick Berlin/Gordon Gano/Nickel & Dime Band segment after I was up there!

JP Music Festival Official Site gallery
JP Gazette Coverage 

Flickr Children (13 pics)
Flickr Setup (62 pics)
Flickr Crowd (36 pics)
Flickr OG Rick Berlin Gordon Gano et al. (Midway)
Flickr Bands (75 pics)
Flickr KingCast camera #2 (coming soon)

11:02 a.m. Sunday update observations:
One: Thanks to Brant Douglas, my wingman on the SX20 IS. He is a photo enthusiast as well but by day is more used to reviewing images of kidney biopsies! Between that camera with 8gigs and the 60D with 40gigs I have 48gigs of archival video and stills that document this incredible event. Also when he returns find Adam Wells' stills he's a stellar portrait guy. 

Two:  Thanks to the musicians and crew for perfect execution and a show of dazzling talent. Someone asked me if I had a particular band that I liked and I had no answer.... obviously I grew up with Gordon Gano's music but honestly I thoroughly enjoyed each and every artist yesterday.

Three: Thanks to the sponsors and organizers for having their poop in a pile. I have attended a ton of music events in my life and not one of them ran this smoothly, and on a first attempt at that. Anyone thinking of holding a music festival should contact Rick, Shamus, Justin, Randace, Charlie, Margie or any of the other folks who put this together because it is a template for success. You bikers out there imagine it as a parallel twin (well actually an inline twin, like the Kawi 650R) with a 180 degree crankshaft. The left stage does its business, then the right. The counterbalancer is the prior preparation that prevented piss poor performance!

Four:  Thanks to the crowd of perhaps 2,000 in total, I don't know.... what I do know is that everyone was free to be themselves and free to be into the music and the spirit of JP, just like that airborne child. And when it was over none of us found any litter to clean up, just as it should be.

Five:  My room is a mess and looks as if a small bomb was detonated in it. Further, I am going to be incapacitated for the next 24 hours or so, glad I work out or I would really be toast. But if Rick can go as he goes at his age, and my father rocks out at 73, I can't be pulling up like a punk now can I, LOL. I was brought on to catch all the nuances and to get all the angles, and to go the extra mile.... and I must say I went that extra mile and I will do it again next year, and any other year. I'll have to interview Brief Awakening's Billy Leva to recapture his description of me but that started with "You're the best cameraman I've ever seen....." and that's because as Bob Marley said, when it hits you, you feel no pain... and you just get on with the gettin' on. My family has always been heavy into music, and in the '70's we had stacks and stacks of wax.... then decades later someone in my immediate family worked in the industry and my cousin Greg Reece went on to found Keep Vintage Jazz Alive (KIVJA) and to become one of Ohio's librarians of the year and to resurrect the East Cleveland Public library while I was down the road at Case Western Law. That library now houses a permanent auditorium acoustically-engineered for jazz.

Six:  Thanks to Canon for making cameras like the SX-20 IS and 60D. This was my first shoot with the 60D and I can tell you from my preliminary review of the images, they are stellar. It's a big jump from that to a 5D (which does not have an articulating LCD view screen and is thus useless for what I do) and I'm going to argue that in good light, the images you get are almost indistinguishable to the untrained eye, particularly on the Internet or in an 8x10. Now with the standard Canon 18-200 I am noticing the bokeh is kind of rough in some instances.... so now then I'll need an L $$$Series lens..... anyway I had no problems with the unit but on the video side I know I have some audio work to do in post because I had no concert experience with the Rode SVM so I erred on the quiet side, no biggie, just takes a little time and patience. 1:16p Just finished editing Gone Daddy Gone, the best Violent Femmes song IMO... and everything came out just fine, I can't wait till I get the go-ahead to start releasing this footage!

Seven: My next two purchases are the Canon 50mm 1.8 and a camera stabilizer. I note that iMovie '11 rocks... just loaded it last night and it has an eq that helps polish the sound a bit without exporting to garage band and also has rolling shutter diminution in addition to post image stabilization. For what I do it's all I really need, especially with the 60D giving good visuals. FC Pro is obviously the standard but I am too busy to deal with it so linear editing saves me sooooo much time. Uh-oh.... if you image stabilize it only expors in 720p instead of 1080p.... is that to make those of us reaching for top quality video purchase FC Pro, I wonder..... 

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Christopher King said...

OMG an hour ago I took three Motrin 200s with no discernable effect.... At first I felt bad about not putting on the inlines and working out today, skating to run errands and such but I think you need a day to let the muscles recuperate after a workout like that, a little yoga this evening will be the ticket.

Triumph and 130 horses are thy friend.

SHE said...

I'm running on Advil too, and all I did was dance!

You were right there for every single thing that happened. So when I missed an hour to bring my son home (it was just too hot for him -- 95 degrees) I knew you would cover it.

Great job, Chris. You well deserved the call-out you received from Rick Berlin at the end.

Christopher King said...

The Categorial Imperative:

To put together a Festival like this -- especially from scratch -- everyone had to use whatever talents and resources they have at their disposal to the maximum.

When you have a shot at it, you take it.

Shots taken and hit the mark:

100% bullseye
0% bullshit

I get enough of the latter in my other daily activities investigating judicial and political corruption and mortgage fraud to last a lifetime.... an event like this reaffirms my faith in humankind to some extent.

Off the Motrin and feeling groovy, more pics pumping throughout the day.

Monday, 22 Aug 2011.