28 August 2011

KingCast NYC Video Presents: Much ado about nothing.... Mayor Bloomberg and Hurricane Irene 2011.

Okay, so you can't necessarily blame the guy, scuttlebutt on the street says he has to cover for last winter's snow debacle and better safe than sorry, blah blah blah but that still won't stop KingCast studios from publishing an observatory video over the Hurricane that wasn't. And in Boston Mayor Menino shut things down as well in true copycat fashion. Truth be known it is 12:40p on Sunday 27 August 2011 and it is clear as a bell in NYC look at the forecast, zip zero zilch.

PS: Having lived in Va. Beach and having visited Outer Banks/Ocracoke as much as I could, best wishes for all of you-- and even those of you in Long Island who got clobbered -- your loved ones and your property.

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