26 August 2011

KingCast laughs as Simon Glik kicks Boston's ass and as Dave Ridley kicks Nashua PD's ass on bogus criminal trespassing charges, Mike Gannon and Pamela Reynolds will come next.

That's right, as noted in today's Simon Glik update I told this cop "I'm a former Assistant Attorney General I'll photograph whatever I want to photograph."
Watch today's post trial video; here is the best summation of the trial at FreeConcord.org.... naturally I don't see any major press on this.... not even the Telegraph which has been pretty good on these issues. I am so happy that the Court -- and I believe it was a bench trial as Nashua PD reduced charge and were looking for a sympathetic Judge -- saw right through their fucking bullshit, and that is just what it is, fucking bullshit. Read more here. Now to issue Judicial Notice on my Free Press lawsuit KingCast v. Ayotte et al. 2010-CV-501 for Nashua PD doing the exact same shit to me, forcing me out of an area in which I was lawfully permitted to be. I can't wait to get my hands on the written Decision and Journal Entry from the Court, hahahahaaa..... don't say I never told you so because I sure as hell did tell you so, muuaaaahhhhh......

And you know what else I told you? I told you that I was going to sue Nashua PD for the 2006 and 2011 citizen videos of Nashua PD that involved Nashua's Finest sticking a loaded shotgun under Mike Gannon's chin and unlawfully entering his home, resulting in punishment for Detective Karliss (2006) and Nashua PD giving a beat down and macing to Mr. Gannon and Pamela Reynolds (2011). I was running persuasive law and common sense using the Clark Graber and other cases, but now I have binding First Circuit precedent in Glik v. Boston that professionals and public citizens are allowed to videotape the police at will. What is Nashua going to argue, "uh, no... it's not binding we can still be assholes until you beat us on a NH appeal....." And  as a former LE Attorney I couldn't agree more. When I was a public employee on the clock I would never have had a problem with someone running video on me during my work hours, it's just ridiculous that we have to have a court tell us this. I was waiting on this ruling to initiate suit and that time has come, I will be filing in the next week or so.

KingCast Judicial Notice of Nashua PD misapplication of trespass law in State v. Ridley vis a vis Glik v. B...KingCast v. Nashua PD RSA 91A Warning Letter - Mike Gannon 2006 Home Videotapes of LE Misconduct
Here are the Mike Gannon, Pamela Reynolds and KingCast FBI Complaints.
Here is the Mike Gannon and Pamela Reynolds First Court appearance.

KingCast and Joe Strummer tell you from a rainy NYC:
Know Your Rights!

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Anonymous said...

There's some bits of this decision that are especially interesting in relevance to your other cases against Kelly Ayotte, etc...:

for example, this bit: "Moreover, changes in technology and society have made the lines between private citizen and journalist exceedingly difficult to draw. The proliferation of electronic devices with video-recording capability means that many of our images of current events come from bystanders with a ready cell phone or digital camera rather than a traditional film crew, and news stories are now just as likely to be broken by a blogger at her computer as a reporter at a major newspaper. Such developments make clear why the news-gathering protections of the First Amendment cannot turn on professional credentials or status."