03 August 2011

KingCast Jamaica Plain Music Fest 2011 Teaser 1: The albino squirrel and the angelic slug.

Video Thursday. Well okay this was Teaser 1 from Midway but whatever, why let accuracy get in the way of a good headline. At least that's how the Mainstream Press likes to play it, LOL. KingCast.net: We was running video back in the olden days, no broadband then. Just the facts and the law and the Jury verdicts protecting First Amendment activity. Once you lose any part of your First Amendment Rights you have lost everything, because you need to exercise them in order to protect the others. It's not rocket science, but was as Americans need to step up to the plate and reward any activity that is consonant with protection of the arts and of free political expression. One way that JP shop owners can help is to each donate $100 to this event, which will bring in untold sums of revenue for them as well. We have to work together or we will lose every time. See you at the Festival!

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Christopher King said...

And the $100 suggested donation is just that. Of course there are already certain sponsors official or unofficial and I'm not going to start naming the ones I know of because that might slight others.

Not my area.

But the good folks working together will make their announcements about that and thank the community at a time appropriate. I still can't believe this hasn't been happening every year. Kinda like being told that Woodstock didn't really happen.