12 August 2011

KingCast is always under pressure: Freddie Mercury and Queen, Wembley 1986.

Whether I'm dealing with a malicious Senator named Kelly Ayote, the Nashua, NH Police Department, the New Hampshire or Nashua GOP, or a lying scumbag lawyer named Ghazi Al-Maryati (links coming later) KingCast is always under pressure, LOL.
RIP Freddie Mercury, you were one bad MF. What incredible vocal range and kudos to the film folks you captured it oh-so-well. Warning: If you watch this video you will be walking around scatting all evening, but you won't do it as well as he did :)
Honorable mention: Another One Bites the Dust.

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Christopher King said...

This is funny as hell, you know they don't have shit there will be no Vaughn index.


Too busy stomping on people with cameras to actually do their jobs.