18 August 2011

KingCast Galaxy S Android catches Suzuki RM 85 dirtbike chase & crash aftermath in Jamaica Plain.

24 Aug 2011 Update: To the knucklehead at a certain forum who likes to dredge up and mischaracterize old shit, get a life. Other forum participants showed up, spoke constructively and one even gave me pointers if I decide to pursue the bike at auction. Whatever your personal issues are with me my professional life was not a part of any of this discussion until you made it one, then I showed you where you were wrong. You got a problem with me, you settle it with me and leave that shit off of the chatboards, dickweed.

Video uploading. Mad cops everywhere. I interviewed one:

KingCast:  "Asshole kids, huh?"
LE:            "Yeah, pretty much."
Apparently the kid booked up on foot pretty good because the undercover Crown Vics were all over the place for quite a while.

Shit except for that dented expansion chamber it looks all good, I may have to check up on the police auction for a nice playbike hahahaaaa... seriously I have bought mountain bikes that way, it works out nicely... Now back in the day (late '70's) when we were asshole kids we would book up from The Man and wind our way through the Shaker rapid tracks which were much different back then, it was very rural in Shaker Heights once you passed Warrensville Center Road going East. One time a friend of mine got caught and argued with the cop until he wrote him the correct ticket, his father is a bailbondsman and he's like, "No Officer that's not the correct statute...." so the cop changed it, LOL. RIP Don Shury, Jr. We all still miss you.

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