08 August 2011

KingCast encourages Cleveland Attorney Nick DiCello: Blast those Florida cops in a Court of Claims for making Nicholas Christie a victim of violent crime!

Dear Attorney DiCello:
As a former Ohio AAG who also worked for Terry Gilbert I am sick and tired of bad LE ruining the game for the good ones. I was following some of the videos that come up after reviewing some of my movies:
Mike Ganon Demands Nashua Police abuse video of July macing and beating.

Pamela Reynolds and KingCast supplement Nashua PD FBI Complaint. 

....when I saw your case

But three inmates who shared Christie’s cell block told the Fort Meyers News-Press that they thought the use of pepper spray was excessive and that deputies ignored the victim’s pleas for help.
“While he was sitting in the chair, they sprayed him two more times,” said Ken Cutler. His whole head was turning purple and almost blue,” he says, “He was gasping.”
The other inmates say the pepper spray was so intense they were gagging in the cell block.
“He was constantly telling them I can’t breathe and I got a heart condition,” he says.
If you look back through the history of Michael Isreal v. Town of Hamilton, OH you will see Defense lawyer Jeff Mando make the same bullshit excuses "The officers were not punished," as if he is proud of the fact that they got away with choking an innocent man. Not content with the lawsuit settlement we took those haters to the Ohio Court of Claims where I believe we were the first to have LE found liable for making someone a victim of violent crime. Check V96-61481 (linked here) and best of luck to you in this case. I'll be following on Pacer. Also what's up with Marty Lentz' case? I know him.

Reflecting on your Florida case (Christie)

Christopher King to ndicello
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Great morning Counselor, and best of luck.

I may have missed it, but where is the case filed so I can follow it on Pacer? I couldn't find it. Here is today's journal entry for you:

My condolences to the family, best of luck extracting any and all measure of damages you can get here, including the Ohio/Florida Court of  Claims.

Boy I though NH was bad (and it is, former NH AG Kelly Ayotte and her successor Mike Delaney are the worst):


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