30 August 2011

KingCast asks Hillsborough County Prosecutor Dennis Hogan: "What's the holdup on the Cody Eller Indictment?"

Friday afternoon update: Not surprisingly Cody Eller and his attorneys have again waived the public appearance. At some point however he will have to appear in an open court of law, and my KingCast Canons will be blazing. As for today you can read the  Cody Eller First Degree Assault Indictment and no, I don't hate to say "I told you so." I hope the Grand Jury foreman rides a bike. If he goes to trial I hope every Juror rides a bike or has someone in their immediate family who does. Remember, in NH this is quite possible. How man peremtory or for cause strikes can they get? Is riding a bike or knowing a biker good enough for cause? The mind boggles. Anyway it was a beautiful ride up and back to Nashua except the heated grips have decided to take a Holiday, might as well just replace them entirely as opposed to diagnosis, right. Other than that the Triumph just sang its little heart out up and around the Route 2/I-95/I-93 loop, all them horses showed up to work....it was pulling so hard in the chilly air in 6th I kept trying to upshift thinking it was 5th LOL.

New KingCast Motorsports movie coming tonight, 17 Nov. 2011 and Cody Eller Courtroom video tomorrow. When I told Demented Cycles owners Kevin and Charlie Russell about how Cody Eller intentionally rammed his car into a motorcyclist and shattered his leg, their jaws just about hit the ground.

Well folks I have a return phone call from my buddy Michelle at Hillsborough South, and yet another month has passed with no return from the Grand Jury on Cody Eller as to whether it will be first or second degree assault for his intentional act (see Eagle Tribune) of running his car into a motorcyclist, completely shattering his leg. Why the delay, it's not exactly a rocket science kind of case.... they apparently had the Krista Dittmeyer murder case (more)(gosh what a bunch of heartless, complete losers, I can't believe it) before a Grand Jury within a month or so.... meanwhile we're looking at four months now until Cody Eller's case may come up. As I noted on an H-D board on the matter of intent: 

If he had said "I was in a hurry to get home because I spilled bong water in my lap," you have an entirely different story but this bastard said "I wasn't going to let him pass."
Anyway, now granted I'm not directly comparing a murder case to what would be in many states an attempted murder case, but you get the picture.... and the picture is that Dennis Hogan and NH LE are telling the motorcycling community that they don't give a shit about us. For that there will be recompense when next I see Attorney Hogan so I can shoot him with a Canon.

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