15 August 2011

KingCast and Mortgage Movies ask "Why is FaceBook slamming activist commentary?"

Facebook - Posting to Pages Temporarily Disabled for 15 Days - 8/12/2011

They don't want information like this getting out from too many sources.....You know what guys, my film maker told me 4 or 5 years ago not to trust FaceBook and I don't. Sure I use FaceBook but I've never trusted it and now I see why. Thanks to Rob and Ana v. Bank of America FaceBook page I am now aware of this phenomenon. Run a word search for "Posting to Pages Temporarily Disabled posting spam and irrelevant content on Facebook Pages" to discover the sort of posting that Facebook considers verboten. What pray tell is "irrelevant content" on a social network site? Unbelievable these scumbags. It's not a glitch and they should be sued for breach of contract, not the first time, hahahaaa.... Viva Winklevoss! They took down  Defend Wisconsin News Roundup, Republican Bigotry Hate Fears Lies and Distortion and many others. Libyan Youth Movement, slammed. Also I forgot Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia are also 100% full of shit, they protect Kelly Ayotte against info. I garnered pursuant to their own goddamn policies, now the Nashua Telegraph isn't good enough as a secondary source, yet they quote from the Telegraph themselves when they want to.

As someone who has successfully prosecuted First Amendment cases as a lawyer and as private citizen....
I will send a measure of scorn to the douchebags at FB who are playing this game and note that Blogger has always protected my First Amendment Rights and I hope they continue to do so. 

Scribd plays the same game, they allowed a Kelly Ayotte supporter who goes by the name of "Bill Christy" to get a piece that I edited taken down before I could even respond. Then come to find out that this character actually posed as a retired JAG Attorney but a man who lived in his house for a while after Bill and the man's mother had an extra-marital affair when he was a child told me the guy is really an under-employed welder. 

Most or all of these so-called social media sites allow people like me to exist only to the extent that they have to, and I suffer no delusions to the contrary. Harvard ex Prez Larry Summers called the Winklevoss brothers "assholes" but we see who the real assholes really are now don't we? Let's have a toast for the douchebags.....

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