10 August 2011

Kelly Ayotte N. Haverhill Town Meeting: She will gut CFPA; woman tells KingCast "Ayotte's full of shit."

Note: Don't forget the Crimeslam journal entry...... That's Bret Beausoleil during more hectic times when KingCast cameras caught this exclusive photo of Senator Ayottes "hero" Mr. "I'll send you home in a body bag" Greg Floyd (now on parole and on the loose) he lunged at Yours Truly and various LE, as he is wont to do. Read here to see how AG Ayotte knew about this thug but hid from the American Public.

Here's what she covered up about this multiple felon's background. Here is the Grandaddy of them all journal entry as to her lies in Franconia. Also as to Kelly and Joe's other endeavors, you never hear me bad talk him because I know what he does for ex-cons. But as to his wife's politics, that's Fair Game.  Anyway it is great to actually produce video about Franconia.... in Franconia.

Her documented reign as NH AG was so completely feckless that it defies description in and of itself. Planned Parenthood loss and claimed victory, $300K in atty fees...... Tuttle/JUA case $110M shot to hell..... FRM Ponzi Scam...... Michael Paulhus shooting and coverup with Miranda violations and Nashua cops posing as AGs... no punishment. Fred Hoysradt alcohol-fueled sexual assault on reporter Elizabeth Dinan slap on the wrist...... Derek Soucie vs. Jeremy Tetrault totalled police cruiser for no reason.... And of course the Liko Kenney Bruce McKay Greg Floyd Franconia shooting tragedy coverup, no fingerprint analysis of the second clip in Liko's gun, no fingerprint analysis in the file.... or at least that's what they tell me.... after Trooper Cooper specifically told Greg Floyd it was important to analyse the weapons. 
Floyd had gone home with one of Liko Kenney's live rounds in his pocket.
Stay tuned for the Senate experience......

As you can see, former NH AG Kelly Ayotte just can't wait to see me! Well not really, but she did finally sort of tell me where she stands on CFPA regarding the CDO Fraud. I got a chance to lay it out to her and to former U.S. Marshall Stephen Monier, who clearly threatened to have me arrested for no reason, as I stood on a public sidewalk, watch the movie. I reminded her of how the FRM Ponzi scam under her tenure as NH AG was the largest NH Consumer Fraud in history. It all happened a while after someone forged my name to a mortgage and I told Kelly about it but she and bud Fitch laughed it off, told me "no big deal." It's all in the movie below, shot on location on The Hill.

3:33 a.m. update: Movie this morning. As you can see, someone at the U.S. Senate is watching assiduously. Heck I haven't even started the movie yet I was sleeping, woke up and checked my tracker, they're up at 3:10 a.m. watching the KingCaster.....For now watch the KingCast/Mortgage Movies CDO Fraud movie from the Nation's Capital... err.... Capitol. It's the third video from the top. 


Christopher King said...

The funny thing is, in many ways, I am Kelly's best photographer.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed meeting you last night. Was that me you were quoting?Keep up the good work!

susan, Bath NH

Christopher King said...



The movie was ready this morning but YTube is having a hard time, don't know if that is related to the slow Internet speeds of North Country or not, but I tweaked it and reloaded and it is loading up now.

This message is on front page:


This movie failed to process for some reason, now I am loading another. Takes forever in Franconia, no broadband that is part of the problem. But again, it is great to actually produce video about Franconia.... in Franconia.

Michael Holman said...

Your video problems could be an attack upon your first amendment rights, my second video did not have audio, only white noise, and all typing over the video was deleted. I appealed to the ACLU about it as a deliberate attack to cover up my youtube posting, to no avail....