09 August 2011

Concerned faces greet KingCast Cameras at Nashua PD vs. Mike Gannon & Pamela Reynolds police abuse/video confiscation/resisting arrest trial being watched by the FBI.

Wednesday update: At bottom read this morning's email to Nashua Counsel Brian Cullen and others.
8:30p update: Today's video is uploading. Meanwhile there is the witness videos as if on Oath and subject to the threats of Perjury. As a former notary and licensed title insurance producer I never signed off on anything bogus. That picture of Mike Gannon is legendary. His visage takes on an other-Wordly appearance whenever he contemplates the gravity of the wrongs he has suffered at the hands of Nashua PD and their lawyers, led from the top down by people like former NH AG Kelly Ayotte and current NH AG Mike Delaney, who has likely committed Prosecutorial Misconduct in the Charles Gleen murder case (video of Attorney Ghazi Al-Maryati's involvement).

Also, there were a couple of nifty Triumphs around the corner here at Bonhoeffer's cafe where I am currently working on the movie and other matters. This place is World class, could easily make it in New York.... but alas the prices would be appreciably higher, LOL. Movie with Courtroom action, Mr. Gannon explaining how Nashua PD reneged on their promise to provide video and a brief discussion with Ms. Reynold's Attorney Steve Maynard a/k/a "Mr. Hands."

FBI is watching. And I don't mean like in hacker Tennis "First Ball In."
Maryland AG & Judge side with KingCast, Gannon & Reynolds.
A pair of sexy Triumphs 1.

Courtroom video: Nashua PD caught lying to Mike Gannon on video production.

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When the Nashua PD arrested Dave Ridley I wrote Attorney Brian Cullen and asked him what they were feeding these guys.

"Wheaties" was his reply.

Oh, well I've been eating a double helping of sushi, obviously I win the mental agility contest and it's not bad on protein for the body, either.

Just keep on, suit yourself guys (pun intended) I will make New Hampshire and Nashua the laughingstock of the entire Country on First Amendment issues by the time I'm finished.

Counselor, how is that search coming for my 2002/3 complaint against that jerk Detective who unlawfully entered at 15 Hopkins Street?

Wheaties huh? I'll separate wheat from chaff for you.


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Anonymous said...

I thought that I saw you today in Nashua District Court taking pictures. :) Did you take video of what happened in court? When will you post it?

Christopher King said...

I trust you've seen it now.... I didn't get to post that movie up until late night :)

Why didn't you come and holler at me chica???