08 August 2011

Boston IBEW 2222 goes on strike as Verizon joins Boston's American Tower Corporation as purveyors of employee abuse.

22 Aug update check out the right wing tools here at "Human Events" and my response that I'm pretty sure they won't publish. 
What planet are you guys from? Of course workers understand that high level execs are entitle to more pay but that doesn't mean they get away with bloody murder. As a mid-level guy with a law degree and substantial experience in the industry I find your attitude contemptible.  I have personally had to report my company to DOL for overtime violations which were SUSTAINED.

"Got them nowhere" as if you are proud of that. Where is the "thuggish behavior of which you speak?

I have put a link to this site on my journal page to demonstrate the mentality of some of you people, have a nice day.

18 Aug update 9p -- left my card on an F series pickup, he comes out just as I'm leaving the store:

"Man I worked for American Tower, TMo, Nextel, etc. etc..... I did a bunch of ROFRs for Verizon and ATC, had to sue them... the whole industry is a piece of shit."


"They're taking away everything we bargained for over the past 20 years," said several employees who will definitely remain nameless for fear of retribution. Martin Luther King Day. Veteran's Day. Sunday straight pay with no overtime. Exorbitant health care plans.... the whole nine yards. Where is major press on this? 
Here it is:
CBS Local
Boston Globe.
Video loading up by 10a. Yessir, I know all about this dirty little industry and how it really works, once I complained of work conditions at American Tower for my trainees I was fired and labeled a "Dangerous Black Man" and had to sue to regain my honor against these two-legged pigs. Watch "American Lawyer" at KingCast.net for starters. I know most of IBEW 2222 is about to watch it, ahem.

Unless you are upper level predominately white male but sometimes white female you are going to be abused and lied to from the moment you hit the door in the morning until you put your head on your pillow at night. In this instance Verizon is crying poor pockets to the employees while raking in money hand over fist. Having been an employment law attorney I know how that works as well: The abusive company throws a series of unconscionable terms on the table and eventually something sticks. Then the high-paid CEO gets kudos for ensuring a the ROI as targeted and takes his bonus and buys another Porsche.  Working for smaller outfits used to be a welcome relief but even they are now backstabbing Draconian places to work because the client beats up on the vendor mercilessly, then fires them and sets in on another. It's ghastly. I look forward to the phone call to Verizon execs on this later today, stay posted. I will also see if I can get access to the negotiations paperwork but don't hold your breath on that.

Read this Aileen Torrance American Tower Corp. link (especially the first link therein) to see the scum factor we are dealing with. She violated all sorts of Attorney Ethics but drew a pass when I complained about it, at least the DOL socked ATC with a $300K fine for overtime abuse after I wrote a letter for employees to hand in, a drop in the bucket to these backdating stock options practitioners of deceit.

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Take a stand for the middle class before it's to late and there is nothing left to fight for! Keep up the good work king cast!!!