18 August 2011

B & H Cameras to the rescue as KingCast goes pro with Canon 60D and Rode SVM stereo mic in time for the JP Music Festival!

Oh this is going to be a blast. No more grainy-assed images from the SX20-IS (no offense, I will keep her for backup it's the best superzoom out there IMO) just nice, crisp imagery and decent audio. And when I'm done with the JP Music Festival 2011 I'll be turning this Canon on all the haters and any corrupt judiciary, law enforcement or politicos I can find. I'll shoot all of them dead, in a virtual sense of course.

Fortunately, or unfortunately this will not be difficult.... not unlike shooting fish in a barrel. With a good-sized Canon.

Future add ons include a rode shotgun mic and 50mm, 100mm, 55 or 70-300mm lenses. 

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