27 August 2011

APee - Vicious dog to be put down after attacking young girl in Lower Manhattan.

26 August 2011 -- AyeeePee wire: As thousands of New Yorkers prepare to flee the wrath of Hurricane Irene, a young girl nearly lost her life this morning as the dog she was petting suddenly turned on her and began biting her with a vicious snarl. The young girl, perhaps 4 years old, flailed her arms in desparation throughout much of the attack as her screams and cries for help echoed from local storefronts. As KingCast cameras were located remotely and on full zoom I watched hopelessly as  more than one fully grown male walked right by during the attack, which resulted in injuries so severe as to defy description. The owner of the dog scurried off before New York City Police could arrive so I will forward my photos and description to them so that they can follow up in the wake of this devastating incident.
Bonus: 4th Street Gizmo -- He's smarter than you are...or at least more stubborn.

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SHE said...

Such a crime!

That doggie is a shameless fuffy muffin.

New Yorkers!