31 August 2011

KingCast, Union Leader, Simon Glik, Dave Ridley, Mike Gannon and Pamela Reynolds (hearing tomorrow) tell Nashua PD Chief Don Conley: Quit the bullshit, it is perfectly legal to videotape police officers.

And oh, let me be clear about this:
There are PLENTY of good LE in the Nashua Police Department.
It is Chief Conley's duty to eradicate those who are not.
3 Sept 2011 Update: Dave Ridley Not Guilty filing by the Court is up top.

1 Sept 2011 Update: Nashua Pee Dee nol-prossed the Pam Reynolds felony "case" of tampering with evidence/interference with Police which was a ridiculous charge anyway. Now on to the resisting arrest bullshit.... thing is, while you have no right to resist an unlawful arrest in NH (Live Free or Die anyone?) the problem is that they never told her she was under arrest before she started walking away when they body-slammed her, put knee to her back and maced her.

"They sandbagged [King]," said Defense Counsel Steve Maynard to co-Defendant and citizen videographer Mike Gannon.  "They got the deal in before the Judge got to the bench because they didn't want to be on YouTube."

Yeah they hate the sound of my gat that's for sure, but I love cracking 24fps 1080p video or 5 Hi-Res frames per second of them almost as much as riding a bike or having sex. I totally live for this shit, truth be known it's more fun than lawyering and they know it and they hate the fact that I love it so much. Click-click-click-click.... shoot 'em right upside the fucking head, straight to YouTube LOL. Wait for the misdemeanor trial in December, or Mike Gannon's trial in October, ahem.  I still got some decent stills and video (including the agreement where Mr. Gannon's truck was supposed to be returned to him) but I left my card reader in Boston so I'll be back around noon and start crafting a movie that should air by 4 or 5p depending on whether I treat Bessie to an oil change.
Rut-ro Chief, here's the Union Leader story today and it looks like the Keene Police Chief knows something you should have known a long time ago, or did know but refused to acknowledge:
Keene Police Chief Kenneth J. Meola said the First Circuit ruling would not mean any change for his department, because it is legal in New Hampshire to record police in public places.

And don't let the dog eat the homework on my mortgage fraud forgery wire fraud issues as did your predecessor.... I live for moments like this, telling a hater cop where to get off, as noted in the open letter to NC Attorney Elizabeth Spainhour, who by dint of coincidence, attended Dartmouth for undergrad. So as the author of this summer's NC Bar Association feature on 3rd Circuit Decisions, she also knows the lay of the land here in NH, and she knows who is getting screwed:

The taxpayers, because through increased insurance premiums they will be paying to cover the civil litigation that follows now for Dave Ridley now that he kicked Nashua's ass, and for Mike Gannon and Pamela Reynolds too if your prosecutors keep on with this nonsense. You can't destroy evidence that isn't police evidence in the first place when the purported evidence is the lawfully-taken video in the first place, DUH.

You may detect a bit of snarl in my voice, Chief.... well that is because you and your lawyers have been so goddamn obdurate in your position that I am more than happy to bring you and them a major comeuppance. I'll be at Ms. Reynolds' hearing tomorrow as I was at her first hearing with a couple of Canons blazing, 720p and 1080p, same for Mike Gannon when his time comes. And I will likely file suit next week for the 2006 and 2011 Gannon videos, as the home video shows Nashua LE illegally entering his home and putting a loaded shotgun to his chin, which he promptly removed in reflexive action learned as a U.S. Military Veteran.... where he could have died defending the freedoms of this Country that you so freely shit on every chance you get. And Ms. Reynolds' daughter is an enlisted serviceman as well, exactly WTF kind of message do you think you're sending to people like her who could go out and get fucking killed fighting for these freedoms. I can't wait to squeeze a trigger on my Canons against any and all of that shit you put people through. An Uzi typically rips 10rps; my 60D only rips 5.3 but the beauty of it is that I get to stay out of prison while I fill haters chock full of digital lead.

Newbies watch Ms. Reynolds and Yours Truly file our complaints to the FBI above, and the summation video with witness interviews is here. The open letter reads below the fold. I have simply had enough of Nashua PD's bullshit, and I call it as I see it, because that is exactly what it is: Complete and utter bullshit and you know it.

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Dear Attorney Spainhour,

I just read your great summation on 3rd Circuit law:


I see you are no stranger to the NH experience nor am I a stranger to the southern...

KingCast/Mortgage Movies tell Eckert, Seamans foreclosure mill: "Are you defending against La Mar Gunn? Why do you like my journal so much? Clean up your act or you're next."

Update: As to Attorney William Liess and shown in the thumbnails: How is is that you can send a substantive letter to La Mar Gunn on 22 July 2011 trying to excuse the false and fraudulent notary issues that he was not aware of until recently, yet you don't even apply for pro hac vice until 26 August, 2011?  As Mr. Gunn's Memorandum Contra (also thumnailed) your Motion correctly argues, you cannot hold yourself out as representing anyone unless or until you actually have authority to do so, but yet you did. You probably never thought I would appear, but then hey, that's your fault not mine. Seems shady to me, Counselor I will telephone you shortly for comment.

I see you watching and I'm watching you watching me. Are you watching me watching you watching me? Well whatever the case, that Canon 60D makes one hell of a video. Stay tuned and one day you may see yourselves in KingCast-Mortgage Movies Vision. I'm starting my background review of you, and Judge Jurden was less than pleased at your baseless allegations against another duly-licensed member of the bar. In other words you got spanked. 

As I show below the fold you've got about seventy (70) entries since 26 August, some of which show you looking for yourselves on my journal... well how about that, turns out Margaret England -- on the sham foreclosure of financial planner Lamar Gunn -- is or was an Eckert, Seamans Attorney.... now I see we're getting somewhere, ahem.  And I will of course advise you not to threaten to have me arrested when I come knocking like those idiots at Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg.  And keep coming back you might learn something.... The Nashua Police Department is learning that the Canon 60D makes a good, crisp 1080p movie as I force them to investigate forgery and wire fraud, that much is certain.

6 September 2011 update -- These guys are living up in my blog, so the King of the Blogs trumps the Dean of the blogs. All these law firms with histories of robo-signatures and other shady practices are worried that people like me will start popping up everywhere with cameras. Scroll down to see more. 

So now Francis Pileggi, the head MF (My Friend) in charge at Eckert Seamans is on the La Mar Gunn case, huh? Well I'm not worried about him but he sure is worried about me..... because they are camped out in my journal but I've never once read theirs. See you soon, Counselor. Be certain to wear a nice suit with monogram shirtsleeves like Shawn Masterson and I will take a 50mm 1/4 portrait of you at no charge, I'm a nice guy that way. Top blogger by Lexis, huh? I'm sure his kinfolk are pleased.... I like Lexis too.... it let's me find all the cases that prove lawyers like him are completely disingenuous.
And they are entirely flustered by KingCast and Mortgage Movies Journal as they continue to grow and the soft power of video is harnessed for the putsch. Look below the video on the jump page to see what journal entries they are reading today.

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30 August 2011

Nashua Police Chief Don Conley forced to investigate KingCast complaint on mortgage fraud, forgery and wire fraud.

So once again I report a clear cut case of forgery to Nashua PD, the Hillsborough County Attorney and the AG's Office, which is not being run by an increasingly shady Mike Delaney, read the Charles Glenn journal entry. The last time they all ignored it, probably too busy thinking of how to prosecute people who videotape them like Dave Ridley, Mike Gannon and Pamela Reynolds (courtroom video) well Good Luck with that given last week's Bench Trial for Ridley Report and the 1st Circuit Decision in Glick v. Boston PD, hahahaha....
Here is the good background journal entry featuring U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, who is "full of shit" according to her constituents. Got it all on KingCast/Mortgage Movies video, yessum. Chief Conley: This is all about your Oath and your Bond. You've got some great men and women working for you, risking their lives every day. Make us respect the badge 24/7 and never fear it without Just Cause.

KingCast says "Crack down on illegal immigrants!"

Case in point this seven (yes, 7) year Dartmouth... or it is Dartmeth hahaha.... "Student" Randy Lambreghts...Really dude? Really?

Query, does this explain or have any relevance to the sexed-up couple who fell their asses off the roof of the Alpha Delta (Animal House) dorm? Because you would have to be high as hell to try to have sex on that sloped roof, right. Anyway I see Dartmouth has already checked in on the KingCaster, as well they should because I'm gonna Keep it Real up in here.... I went to prep school so many of my friends like Matt Streeter naturally ended up at Dartmouth in the 80's, it's a great school... but that doesn't mean that its shit don't stink just as bad as the local community college brand X.

KingCast asks Hillsborough County Prosecutor Dennis Hogan: "What's the holdup on the Cody Eller Indictment?"

Friday afternoon update: Not surprisingly Cody Eller and his attorneys have again waived the public appearance. At some point however he will have to appear in an open court of law, and my KingCast Canons will be blazing. As for today you can read the  Cody Eller First Degree Assault Indictment and no, I don't hate to say "I told you so." I hope the Grand Jury foreman rides a bike. If he goes to trial I hope every Juror rides a bike or has someone in their immediate family who does. Remember, in NH this is quite possible. How man peremtory or for cause strikes can they get? Is riding a bike or knowing a biker good enough for cause? The mind boggles. Anyway it was a beautiful ride up and back to Nashua except the heated grips have decided to take a Holiday, might as well just replace them entirely as opposed to diagnosis, right. Other than that the Triumph just sang its little heart out up and around the Route 2/I-95/I-93 loop, all them horses showed up to work....it was pulling so hard in the chilly air in 6th I kept trying to upshift thinking it was 5th LOL.

New KingCast Motorsports movie coming tonight, 17 Nov. 2011 and Cody Eller Courtroom video tomorrow. When I told Demented Cycles owners Kevin and Charlie Russell about how Cody Eller intentionally rammed his car into a motorcyclist and shattered his leg, their jaws just about hit the ground.

Well folks I have a return phone call from my buddy Michelle at Hillsborough South, and yet another month has passed with no return from the Grand Jury on Cody Eller as to whether it will be first or second degree assault for his intentional act (see Eagle Tribune) of running his car into a motorcyclist, completely shattering his leg. Why the delay, it's not exactly a rocket science kind of case.... they apparently had the Krista Dittmeyer murder case (more)(gosh what a bunch of heartless, complete losers, I can't believe it) before a Grand Jury within a month or so.... meanwhile we're looking at four months now until Cody Eller's case may come up. As I noted on an H-D board on the matter of intent: 

If he had said "I was in a hurry to get home because I spilled bong water in my lap," you have an entirely different story but this bastard said "I wasn't going to let him pass."
Anyway, now granted I'm not directly comparing a murder case to what would be in many states an attempted murder case, but you get the picture.... and the picture is that Dennis Hogan and NH LE are telling the motorcycling community that they don't give a shit about us. For that there will be recompense when next I see Attorney Hogan so I can shoot him with a Canon.

29 August 2011

POTUS returns to KingCast to read more about Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Read below the fold to see that The Executive Office of the President was reading about how Glenn Beck favored Paul Hodes over Kelly Ayotte.... and we all know she was horrible on Consumer Fraud and hates the CFPB and her constituents says she's "full of shit."

KingCast laughs as Simon Glik kicks Boston's ass on citizen video of LE.

Of course you can video the police. They work for us, on our taxdollars, natch. Read the primary journal entry with NH's Dave Ridley, Mike Gannon and Pamela Reynolds and my pending lawsuit to recover citizen video in NH..... Shesus Christy already. It's so fucking simple, of course I am incensed that our lawmakers should have formally written it into law YEARS AGO. As I told this cop in Somerville with half a clove cigarette dangling out of my mouth hence the slurred speech I'm not drunk, LOL.... "I'm a former assistant attorney general.... I'll photograph whatever I want to photograph."

From Glik....."[t]here is an undoubted right to gather news 'from any source by means within the law.'"  Houchins v. KQED, Inc., 438 U.S. 1, 11 (1978) (quoting Branzburg v. Hayes, 408 U.S. 665, 681-82 (1972)). The  filming  of  government  officials engaged  in  their duties in a public  place,  including  police  officers  performing their responsibilities, fits comfortably within these principles. Gathering information about government officials in a form that can readily be disseminated to others serves a cardinal First Amendment interest  in  protecting  and  promoting  "the  free  discussion  of governmental affairs."  Mills v. Alabama, 384 U.S. 214, 218 (1966). KingCast Judicial Notice of Nashua PD misapplication of trespass law in State v. Ridley vis a vis Glik v. B...

28 August 2011

KingCast NYC Video Presents: Much ado about nothing.... Mayor Bloomberg and Hurricane Irene 2011.

Okay, so you can't necessarily blame the guy, scuttlebutt on the street says he has to cover for last winter's snow debacle and better safe than sorry, blah blah blah but that still won't stop KingCast studios from publishing an observatory video over the Hurricane that wasn't. And in Boston Mayor Menino shut things down as well in true copycat fashion. Truth be known it is 12:40p on Sunday 27 August 2011 and it is clear as a bell in NYC look at the forecast, zip zero zilch.

PS: Having lived in Va. Beach and having visited Outer Banks/Ocracoke as much as I could, best wishes for all of you-- and even those of you in Long Island who got clobbered -- your loved ones and your property.

27 August 2011

APee - Vicious dog to be put down after attacking young girl in Lower Manhattan.

26 August 2011 -- AyeeePee wire: As thousands of New Yorkers prepare to flee the wrath of Hurricane Irene, a young girl nearly lost her life this morning as the dog she was petting suddenly turned on her and began biting her with a vicious snarl. The young girl, perhaps 4 years old, flailed her arms in desparation throughout much of the attack as her screams and cries for help echoed from local storefronts. As KingCast cameras were located remotely and on full zoom I watched hopelessly as  more than one fully grown male walked right by during the attack, which resulted in injuries so severe as to defy description. The owner of the dog scurried off before New York City Police could arrive so I will forward my photos and description to them so that they can follow up in the wake of this devastating incident.
Bonus: 4th Street Gizmo -- He's smarter than you are...or at least more stubborn.

Weekend Update: Morris, Nichols Arsht & Tunnell & Uniform Law Commission follow KingCast/Mortgage Movies as the Banking Industry fights against reform of UCC Articles 3, 4 and 4A.

I’ve got to get back to play (and possible evacuation here in NYC) but first this early morning update is in order, note that ULC President Michael Houghton attended UVA Law around the time that my favorite Case Western Law Professor Ted Mearns was a UVA Professor. I worked for Professor Mearns, he's a class act.

Somethings’ gotta give….. America cannot continue with this Balkanized approach to foreclosure proceedings where some principled jurists do the right thing while others are left to give homeowners the proverbial shaft on Substantive and Procedural Due Process matters. These are heady issues folks, and you have come to one of the only places on the Internet to get educated as to potentially ground-breaking changes on the horizon next year in America’s troubled (euphemism: completely unlawful) banking and foreclosure industries. As the ULC considers changes (see its 11 July 2011 agenda) the Bankers Clearing House will fight back, given its position in their 6 Jan 2011 letter to ULC Chairs Michael Houghton, Esq. and Judge Harriet Lansing, authored by Joseph R. Alexander. However, as we know, the banks cannot be trusted, and their scumbag robo-signing shady attorneys like Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg will go as far as to call police on innocent homeowners and journalists, then lie to building security about whether they knew the reporter was covering the case. Got that on film, it’s a wrap.

So it comes as no surprise to find that the Uniform Law Commission folks have been assiduously reading a certain link about a shady lawyer named Margaret England, who burned rubber on another innocent homeowner, Lamar Gunn. As we recall Mr. Gunn is the financial planner who lost his home to foreclosure even though he never missed a payment and the alleged underlying debt had been satisfied. When he attempted to contact her she responded with the same tired-assed DBM “Dangerous Black Man” rhetoric of a hater.

As to the Uniform Law Commission they are due to issue a comprehensive report by January, 2012 addressing standing to foreclose vis a vis possible changes to the UCC:

RESOLVED, that the Committee on Scope and Program recommends to the Executive Committee that, in view of the current foreclosure crisis, an expedited Study Committee on Mortgage Foreclosure be formed, and that the committee submit a report for consideration at the January 2012 midyear meeting.  The report should identify which issues among the following recommended by the JEB on Uniform Real Property Acts should be addressed in a drafting project:

• Who can commence foreclosure?
• What evidentiary proof is required to commence a foreclosure?

26 August 2011

KingCast laughs as Simon Glik kicks Boston's ass and as Dave Ridley kicks Nashua PD's ass on bogus criminal trespassing charges, Mike Gannon and Pamela Reynolds will come next.

That's right, as noted in today's Simon Glik update I told this cop "I'm a former Assistant Attorney General I'll photograph whatever I want to photograph."
Watch today's post trial video; here is the best summation of the trial at FreeConcord.org.... naturally I don't see any major press on this.... not even the Telegraph which has been pretty good on these issues. I am so happy that the Court -- and I believe it was a bench trial as Nashua PD reduced charge and were looking for a sympathetic Judge -- saw right through their fucking bullshit, and that is just what it is, fucking bullshit. Read more here. Now to issue Judicial Notice on my Free Press lawsuit KingCast v. Ayotte et al. 2010-CV-501 for Nashua PD doing the exact same shit to me, forcing me out of an area in which I was lawfully permitted to be. I can't wait to get my hands on the written Decision and Journal Entry from the Court, hahahahaaa..... don't say I never told you so because I sure as hell did tell you so, muuaaaahhhhh......

And you know what else I told you? I told you that I was going to sue Nashua PD for the 2006 and 2011 citizen videos of Nashua PD that involved Nashua's Finest sticking a loaded shotgun under Mike Gannon's chin and unlawfully entering his home, resulting in punishment for Detective Karliss (2006) and Nashua PD giving a beat down and macing to Mr. Gannon and Pamela Reynolds (2011). I was running persuasive law and common sense using the Clark Graber and other cases, but now I have binding First Circuit precedent in Glik v. Boston that professionals and public citizens are allowed to videotape the police at will. What is Nashua going to argue, "uh, no... it's not binding we can still be assholes until you beat us on a NH appeal....." And  as a former LE Attorney I couldn't agree more. When I was a public employee on the clock I would never have had a problem with someone running video on me during my work hours, it's just ridiculous that we have to have a court tell us this. I was waiting on this ruling to initiate suit and that time has come, I will be filing in the next week or so.

KingCast Judicial Notice of Nashua PD misapplication of trespass law in State v. Ridley vis a vis Glik v. B...KingCast v. Nashua PD RSA 91A Warning Letter - Mike Gannon 2006 Home Videotapes of LE Misconduct
Here are the Mike Gannon, Pamela Reynolds and KingCast FBI Complaints.
Here is the Mike Gannon and Pamela Reynolds First Court appearance.

KingCast and Joe Strummer tell you from a rainy NYC:
Know Your Rights!

25 August 2011

KingCast presents: The official re-filing of the 2003 Mortgage Forgery and Wire Fraud complaint with the Nashua PD, GOP Nashua Chair & Hillsborough County Attorney Dennis Hogan and NH AG Attorney Mike Delaney.

Dear Attorneys Bennett, Hogan, Delaney and Chief Conley:

I will be brief:

First of all it pains me to miss all of you today I am enjoying the treats of NYC until that Irene b_____ shows up to splash some water on us. We're not in the evacuation zone, could be some good footage though... The Good News is that right here you have everything you need to commence the investigation without me. It's not as if you doubt that I'm coming. 
Anyway, the United States is in the midst of an economic crises led largely by mortgage fraud and banking deceit, including but not limited to Citibank money laundering Mexican druglord money with the tacit assistance of lawyers like Sam Shaulson, Esq. In my duties as a State Attorney I remember trying to enforce the law regardless of political ideology or other circumstances, yet I have seen substantially less than that from each of your respective departments. You tend to attack anyone who challenges you instead of investigating their claims, witness Dave Ridley, Mike Gannon, Pamela Reynolds and me. And not to mention the ongoing saga of Charles Glenn's so-called murder case where Attorney Delaney failed to provide exculpatory information about the sole (white) witness, Joseph Salvatore, who, inter alia:

a) lied about having a gun permit on a date certain and;
b) illegally discharged a weapon of the same caliber that killed the decedent.

At this point many of us -- including the Fucci family and the son of a certain Nashua City Official believe that Nashua PD is dedicated to engaging in ideological warfare with many of the area citizens instead of upholding Chief Don Conley's Oath of Office. We further believe, or at least fear, that the FBI will be fully complicit in this activity. Be that as it may we press onward with a complaint so simple that Barney Fife could analyse it, so as I say I will give all of you a Mulligan while I wait to see what you do with Cody Eller, the punk who intentionally ran his car into a motorcyclist but who was initially charged with only Second Degree Assault. This stands in juxtaposition to the Nashua pedestrian death in which a car was recognized as a deadly weapon. If a car is a deadly weapon with respect to a pedestrian then surely it is a deadly weapon with respect to a motorcyclist.

Lastly, I submitted this complaint as blog or journal page entry, in part because it represents a new era in Citizen activism, further in part because Attorney Bennett seems to hate it so much. I will attach it to my Nashua PD form tomorrow morning. He is welcome to decline to answer this query on that basis if he feels so strongly about it, and the World Public will in turn analyse his conduct in light of his signed Oath of Office.

Respectfully submitted,

KingCast says "Goodnight Nick Ashford and a belated Goodnight to Clarence Cleamons."

Both at 69 years young... both of these talented artists are making music in another World now.
Nick Ashford.
Clarence Cleamons.

KingCast presents: Happy Hour NYC style.

Some folks think my entire life is spent chasing down and flaming purveyors of hate and injustice, but alas, such is not the case. Every now and then I let my hair down. These scenes are from Happy Hour Lower East last week, not long after the little old lady almost met her waterloo beneath a 10-ton front loader. Speaking of adversity, that Mamiya survived the Civil War in Serbia. Video soon, first I need to check up on that Crappy Dad (i.e. "My father is the scum of the Earth... Deadbeat Dad") International Felon, Columbia J-School prof and eMusic CEO Adam Klein, then upload the artist stills from the Jamaica Plain Music Festival and soon thereafter my boss will be on my ass looking for some work or some shit. I hate that n____ he's always talkin' 'bout "can you do this or can you do that?" and I'm like "Naw n____ why you trippin' can't you see I'm tryin' to get my drink on.... now hand me a paycheck and step off with that whack shit!!!" LOL.... 

Then I have to go to Nashua, NH to refile my forgery and wire fraud complaint that Nashua PD totally ignored the first time see para 4. Never a dull moment here at KingCast studios.