19 July 2011

Power, corruption and influence win for International Felon, eMusic CEO Columbia Journo Prof Adam Klein; he screwed his daughter on child support.

Newbies start here and here and be sure to read the KingCast Open Letter to Columbia Provost Steele with eMusic CEO Adam Klein's South African rap sheet. I can't wait to actually head down there and roll video that will be a hoot, huh..... So my little Courthouse Birdy told me a Decision came down a couple weeks ago in this case. As you can see, Lee Levine Bowser (the lawyers for this sperm donor criminal maggot who never spent any time with his daughter) spent plenty of time lingering in my journals yet they lacked the cajones to actually do First Amendment battle with me face to face.

Anyway I can't get much out of my source this time because he knows they really don't want this Decision ever coming public. All I know is that the court ignored his history of lies and deceit in this case on his residency when he was initially served by the mother, and they actually reduced payments and put on some kind of GPA requirement for his daughter or else she looses all the money..... all of this is unverified right now because that's the way these dirtbags want it, and the Court is more than happy to oblige, no doubt maligning me all the way. So now the mother has been fucked all around: Her lawyer fucked her (literally while she was still a client) but that's not an ethical violation in Mass, go figure.... then the high-powered lawyers at Lee Levine tag teamed her and her daughter to finish this little chapter of smut. 

Then there is a certain high-powered black journalist (A Medill Grad like Cousin Mike) who is racking up the big bucks while purporting to provide alternative and insightful news to the public... and he told me he didn't want to hear about any of this case. He can kiss my ass too. All of these people can malign me all they want but the shame, however is not mine. That much is verified and I'll set it out right here, just like that. 

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