27 July 2011

NH Bar, regulatory agencies and Hillsborough County Court start dodging the KingCast/Mortgage Movies foreclosure ethics complaint

Mortgage Movies Wells Fargo Shawn Masterson Diane Nicolosi NH Trustee Sumski Ethics Complaint Response
I checked my mail on the way out for a ride. Wait till I get back home to show you the dodge and weave on my pending Ethics Complaint.... made all the better with the clear cut Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal policy in Florida that perfectly echoes the concerns highlighted in my Complaint, right on down to the "Linda Green" docs. There's even a question as to whether there is a complaint against Shawn Masterson but hey I must be allowed to file a complaint in NH on him because I saw him practicing law in an NH courtroom. Therefore he must be barred here even if pro hac vice they have jurisdiction over his actions.
Meanwhile Hillsborough South returned the copy of the Complaint I sent to Judge Diane Nicolosi because "You are not a party to this case." Silly.... I know damn well I'm not a Party to the Ingress case, what I am is a courtroom observer, former State Attorney and trained mortgage industry professional issuing an ethics complaint against Her Honor and Shawn Masterson. Party.... did someone say party? Party on, I say.

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genii said...

Yes I like your idea to SHOOT CAMERAS ~ NOT GUNS! It kinda goes along with a pen being mightier than a sword. Therefore the internet must be more powerful than a nuke. I like how you project your canon shots all over the internet... wounding none, yet enlightening all ~ like Ghandi's passive resistance which will always be superior to tyranny. The winds of change are a blowing...