25 July 2011

Nashua PD Tardy on KingCast RSA 91-A Demand for Police Complaint; re-enactment of 2006 Mike Gannon porch abuse looms large.

Tardy RSA 91-A response + pending re-enactment of 2006 porch abuse.

Dear Attorney Cullen, I am awaiting....

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Dear Attorney Cullen:

I am still awaiting:

1. Final word from your client on any video from the kiosk where they unlawfully beat down and maced two innocent people and illegally confiscated Mr. Gannon's 2011 video.

2. Production of my complaint as noted herein:

Also RSA 91-A: Dear Attorney Cullen -- Please have your client immediately produce a copy of the 2002/3/4 complaint that I issued against a certain Detective, 
thank you. 

Also, whether your client decided to keep fighting on the 2006 videos I will sue, and we will re-enact all of it, Under Oath. It's about ugly as hell as I'm certain you are aware.
Christopher King, J.D.
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1 comment:

Christopher King said...

So here's the "funny" part:

Cullen: "They didn't beat him with batons!"

King: "No but what they did do... was worse."

Stay tuned.