24 July 2011

KingCast.net: An official film maker for the 2011 JP Music Fest.

Here is the 2011 First Annual JP Music Festival website and Facebook and JP Gazette story. Well I guess the folks in JP liked what I did off-the-cuff, hand-held and with no lighting at a recent Rick Berlin show and at the Uforge Gallery so here we go! I really want to try to get at least a clip of all 20 bands, so I'll need a wingman. Good thing they thought to procure my services well in advance so I can get everything sorted!

PS: As if on cue, it pays to provide discounted services to do-goodnik causes -- I went out to the ATM and a stash of vinyl was being given away. I looked in it to find my Main N___ and (Liv Tyler's unofficial second father) Todd Rundren's Hermit of Mink Hollow, all set for my USB turntable, nice. It's a Love of the Common Man... turn your World around.... too late tomorrow, 'cos everyone... needs a love of the common man....

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