14 July 2011

KingCast video reflection of the day: "You're a genius!"

The second video is how not to do it, dude thinks he's all fly and shit in his weekend warrior leathers and got a comeuppance, hahahahaa.... Anyway this is from the very first KingCast Motorsports video when I bought my last bike, the Kawasaki 650R/ER-6. The World and the Internet is chock full of racist haters.... and it comes out in the comments all the time.... Anyway, genius I don't know. I think crafty is a bit more accurate, but what the hell, I'll take it:

You're a genius! Through this video, you've managed to get people to show their true selves through their comments. Reading the comments without watching the video, you'd think it must be a video of drowning puppies or torturing children, but it's just a happy guy on a motorcycle. What is wrong with everyone? I don't know, but I'm having a great time reading all their comments and your clever responses. You should do a Massive Stoppie followup video and see what people say. 

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