01 July 2011

KingCast says "In retrospect, this is one of my favorite documentary movies: KingCast grilling Senator Ayotte's office on FRM Ponzi and mortgage fraud."

Hell no Kelly Ayotte still hasn't responded to my simple question of where she stands on the CFPA -- initially posed almost an entire month ago when I was down at the Capital with Rod Class and Carl Weston, watch the first of two movies on that. Instead she and her lying Chief of Staff John Easton seek specie to defend my free press racial lawsuit because she and Senator John McCain throw me out of their happy-assed (publicly-advertised, held on commercial property with media invites posted mind you) GOP events, allegedly because I was acting in some kind of threatening manner. Yah, right. You see my maner in the movie about, you can practically introduce it as habit evidence. My manner only changes when fascist pigs try to shoulder me out, or talk over me as I go to ask a question.

And as noted in a link I'm putting in Saturday morning (this one, showing empirical NH racism) she also failed to act on the Vericomm & MBF Leasing scam that hurt many Nashua businesses, and that case just settled on a successful class action lawsuit in New York, I believe it was the Pludeman case, I posted it last week, whatever. Not to mention failing to join the Amicus Brief free ride Clean Air EPA litigation from Massachusetts despite the urgings of her senior EPA/Environmental Attorney...... Just the facts.

Pludeman v Northern Leasing Sys., Inc., 2011 NY Slip Op 31638U (June 17, 2011, Decided).

 [*7] Severance of Claims for Damages, Punitive Damages and Fraud

Plaintiffs allege that defendants have argued before other courts that the SJ Decision lacks preclusive effect because no judgment has been entered. As the court has granted plaintiffs' requests for declaratory and injunctive relief to the extent set forth above and defendants' opposition does not address this portion of the OSC, Plaintiffs' request for entry of the judgment sought and severance of their claims for fraud, damages and punitive damages is granted.

Kelly Ayotte is a complete farce.

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