23 July 2011

KingCast says, "Goodnight Amy Winehouse."

Jesus Christ.... Sure we all had our AW jokes and such, heck even King Richard Pryor joked about his own afflications. But to loose her is very sad indeed.

I typically root for the underdog, the one who wasn't supposed to make it, the nontraditional upstarts who breathe some much-needed fresh air into the World for all of us. And Ms. Winehouse, with all of her faults, was exactly that. She took her last breath way too young. Sigh.

But on a more positive note, NPR reports that Mike Watt.... still kicks ass. Met that cat in Nov. '85 with the Minutemen (read: more alternative jazz influence) just before D. Boone left us.... also too early. They put on one helluva show at the Jockey Club. Sigh.

PS: From the NPR story linked above a little tete a tete or volley if you will:

lke Lipp (frauleinschuss) wrote:

@Elizabeth wrote: And, if the choice is not to embrace help, the family (and loved ones), for their own health and in order not to enable further a life that runs counter to the addict's well-being, need to distance themselves. That does not preclude feeling sympathy, while it includes feeling disappointment that the person (seemingly) prefers self-destruction. And that last bit has a way, over time, of blunting sympathy.

..... Well Vitas Gerulaitis overcame his demons and they STILL haven't put him in the Hall of Fame where he belongs with all of the other tennis greats, and he didn't die getting high (which we ASSume happened to Ms. Winehouse). So where is his sympathy, he gave back to children BIG TIME.

So yah Vitas gets more sympathy than Ms. Winehouse, bottom line is we lost some great talent either way:


Sun Jul 24 2011 18:55:05 GMT-0400 (EDT)

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Christopher King said...

I have lived 19 more years than that. With my ups and downs and all arounds I feel I'm safe to say that I wouldn't trade those years, or the next ones, for anything in the World.

No offense to mature 27 year olds, but she was just a kid. 27 is a kid, really. In the Grand Scheme of Things.