09 July 2011

KingCast presents: A very funny Cop Story.

Yes it involves motorcycle LE and yes we all had a great laugh. Later on this.

Okay, basically I've only met a few cops I don't get along with. I don't talk about all the fun stuff here because it's not my job to report The Happy News.... my job is to invoke thought about the unsavory things that major media tends to ignore. So anyway I'm a familiar sight to most South Boston area Motorcycle Police, not many black guys on blue Triumphs running around near Southie, fancy that.  I tend to enjoy a good laugh and a nod in passing with these cats, and last year in a pic I can't find I parked the 650R alongside a bunch of Police Harleys and some of them were cracking up "Trade you!"

Anyway last night as I approached my friend's house I stopped and waived two oncoming M/C cops past me as I prepared to turn left. I had plenty of time to make the turn well in front of them but I wanted to salute them anyway, so as I did, it turn out they turned right, so I follow them whereupon out of nowhere 6 more M/C police show up at the same tiny intersection. This of course begat a silly round of head nods and finger pointing as to who should go next, because our arrivals were all kind of staggered. By the end of it all the last M/C cop and I were sitting there, I gunned my engine and both us were cracking up. I pointed him to go first though, tell you that much, LOL.

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