17 July 2011

KingCast presents: Sunday afternoon Tennis, Triumphs, Trials and Tribulations.

Well it was a Tennis Triumph at least: On my afternoon skate I saw my LE pal working his tennis clinic magic with the local yoots so I ran home, grabbed the Triumph Sprint 955i (see KingCast buyer's guide), ran to the bank for a minute and then to the courts to join in. It's a beautiful thing he's got going... so today you have a woman whose name escapes me at this time -- and Jason, 20 year-old college player, Carlos a 30-something maybe 40 something former pro from the Dominican Republic, Frank and me out there helping children smile and learn the game of a lifetime. I wish I had never quit playing, Carlos is a lefty who hits like a mini-Rafa, just a ton of work on the ball and it's always deep in the court to boot. I was struggling just to keep the ball in play hahahaa.... it's all good see ya next week guys.
Then on the Tribulations of riding a Triumph, I again see the check engine light on, and it is cutting out under load. It ran like a demon to Nashua and back yesterday (where I was hassled by a jerkhead LE) and I just replaced the battery, rectifier/regulator and stator last week. No I didn't have it on a trickle charger but I goddamn shouldn't have to after all of that. I think I'll be in a position to buy a 2007/8 Tiger 1050 soon (like the white one in the picture below), and when I do I really won't be sad to see this m_______f________ out the door. I have never owned a bike that made me as proud to own when running nicely, excepting maybe the RD 350. Fun as it is when it is running properly, with a shattered crankshaft, dodgy electrics and various other maladies despite careful maintenance from me and a clean bill of health at 12K miles right before I bought her, Bessie has been a real recalcitrant bitch. If I get trouble out of the Tiger I'll never buy another Triumph again. I need my bike to be on the road, not in a goddamn garage, thank you.

9:30p update: Looks like it could be the crank sensor, or some other bullshit connectors.
One writer asks, "is this just a Triumph problem?"
I say you know, I don't really know, all I know is this is the most well cared-for bike I have ever owned, and the least reliable or dependable. It's been a f____ nightmare, honestly. And oh, the crank sensor? That will be another $150 or so.... if that's what it is... f____ bloody hell this beast. I'm not saying don't buy one. I'm just saying mine has been a M____ F_____ nightmare on wheels. I'll keep a spare jug of that oh-so-nice Motul motor oil I use for this bike because my sensor tells me where Triumph's crankshaft is going. Fokkers. I could have bought a Haybusa... but nooooo..... I had to go for something interesting. Oh but wait....there is a bulletin...  and another, and another....  time for the Tiger, F_____ this noise.

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