22 July 2011

KingCast journal of the month: NH Attorney Jaye Rancourt an Unethical Attorney.

Another great journal from another former LE/Attorney who has had enough of the nonsense. They are one of my subscribers at right and over there they are now reading about the Dave Coltin, Michael HolmanRalph Holder (more) and Mike Gannon atrocity exhibitions. I didn't tell them about State v. Glenn yet.

New Hampshire: The Mississippi of the North. Except even Mississippi knows not to violate Brown v. Board or Palmer v. Sidoti. Live Free or Die, huzzah.... Piffle.

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Michael "boy" Holman said...

I continue to petition the Feds to assit me in protecting my chidlren and viewing them as victims since they were stoilen, manipulated and used for profit by the state of Connecticut but my calls for help go unanswered. It is a money system and I can only wait or do something drastic. I work all day and have to use public transportation since NH is keeping me from trading in my California drivers license for a local license. The Feds have spoken to my sister but only speak sparsely to me. The power that New England uses here, with them all being of new england stock and sticking together, leaves me still feeling abused/neglected/lynched/sad. And they are all one race, and treat me as an outsider. I am begging them to console me and my sons as we were egregiously attacked and denied our rights. Still, little consolation but I am trying to maintain, trying. I feel like handling this myself so my sons can see how serious this all is. If someone can help me and my family, please do......I am spoiling my sons and spending as much time as I can with them so they don't turn out like the half-brothers I tried to protect them from. New England sucks....