19 July 2011

KingCast hears rumors that Cop Block Pete and Ademo found Not Guilty of Wiretapping Mass Police... but why are the laws still on the books?

Here's your story but here's the issue to ponder as you reflect on the pending FBI Complaint relative to the Mike Gannon Nashua NH video confiscations of 2006 and 2011:
1. NH was pondering a change in the law.
2. MA was pondering a change in the law.
3. Maryland Courts flat out ruled these arcane laws inapplicable as seen below.

So what's going on in NH and MA you ask? I'll tell you what's going on. They really don't want to change the flipping law so they figured they would try a few cases and pus the envelope, see if maybe the could get a runaway Jury to convict. Well it's not gonna happen folks so you can pack it up and put it where the sun don't shine: Americans are sick and tired of enduring 99% surveillance of some sort from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, and even in between that. So in turn because we have to put up with that nonsense we are entitled to run surveillance on LE as well, which is precisely the point made quite eloquently in the Anthony Graber case:

[As an aside, if the Court suspended media access without just cause I call bullshit on that entirely. If a Judge ever kicks me out of a trial once I'm already covering the trial he or she is likely to face a Constitutional challenge I'll say that much. Open Courts are Open Courts].
KingCast v. Nashua PD RSA 91A Warning Letter - Mike Gannon 2006 Home Videotapes of LE Misconduct

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