20 July 2011

KingCast catching up with the Ethics Complaint against Kelly Ayotte Chief of Staff John Easton and her Free Press lawsuit defense fund.

Approximately one month ago Roll Call served as sucker punk sellout mouthpiece for Senator Ayotte as they refused to print anything I had to say about John Easton's Defamatory statement that I -- as a graduate of a top 50 law school -- actually filed "frivolous lawsuits" against Kelly Ayotte. Editor Paul Singer (check his smugshot at right) acknowledged the should have contacted me but refused to change anything because it was a 4 day-old story.... which strikes me as complete bullshit because the life span of an Internet publication is virtually endless. These guys can't fool me, I worked for a large daily and edited a medium-sized weekly and focused on First Amendment and media law at said top 50 law school so there's no need for me to take any of that fucking bullshit, and that is exactly what it is: 

Fucking bullshit. Oh, excuse me, I mean to say "egregious violations of Fourth Estate ethics and protocol." I'm still working on my French, forgot much of that apres l'ecole secondaire.

We all know the Truth of the matter is that it is more likely that Ayotte and her pal in blue Marty Dunn more likely filed frivolous cases against me as NAACP Legal Chair but be that as it may, today I need to:

1.  Verify the $8 necessary to have the 38p. filing sent to me with notification as to deposits and identification of Trustee and donors and amounts.

2.  Verify that my Ethics Complaint against John Easton has been put alongside that request for funding such that legislators may actually make an informed judgment before reading Senator Ayotte's bullshit.

3.  Verify that my Ethics Complaint is being processed. 

Above we see the fact that my Complaints were received by Senate Ethics and by the Office of Public Records where the funding request was filed. The phone calls to these various departments as captured in the top video so sublime that I won't even bother recording today, just watch this space for updates throughout the afternoon.

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