21 July 2011

KingCast and Mike Gannon present: Semper Fi FBI Nashua Police Monell Claim post #1.

You newbies start with this Slashdot - Carlos Miller - Nashua Telegraph - KingCast  journal entry and work your way through, making certain to read the FBI Complaint links. As the license plate reads toward the bottom of the page, "No Bullshit allowed."
Dear Attorney Cullen, Chief Conley and the entire Internet Community: 

Mike Gannon has taught me some crucial life skills, chiefly the  active art of Semper Fi ---- always faithful, always ready --- while holding something back. Someone could be stabbed on Cinco de Mayo and you offer First Aid advice in the middle of the night from your phone, only later to be harassed by Nashua's Finest. Something could land on your water glass, or attack you on your porch in the blink of an eyelash and you have to react right here, right now Bubba because you might not get another chance. There's a reason I keep using the Anthony Graber case and the photo that appears in this RSA 91-A warning letter to Nashua PD Counsel Brian Cullen. Note: The FBI is reading assiduously. I can't tell them what to do but I can say it is purely evident that Nashua PD has a serious issue with authority when it comes to the camera.

Some Marine lads and lasses might balk at the use of Semper Fi but I think it's all right given that Mr. Gannon almost lost his life in a parachute surveillance manoever, saved a life on Cinco de Mayo and almost lost his again on one of those overly aggressive porch raids of 2006. You see folks now that we've got the FBI Complaint filed I can begin to slowly reveal what really happened in 2006 and why Nashua PD will sooner put those videos in an incinerator than return them to Mike Gannon or allow me to view them. When the American Public finds out what really happened they will know exactly why Mr. Gannon and I are so bloody pissed off about all of this. Stay tuned for a rather interesting video tomorrow afternoon after Mike Gannon makes a formal request to review the exculpatory evidence in the 2011 case.   (FBI guys -- there is no video or any pictures from your office other than the clipboard, rest easy).

And given that Nashua PD will probably destroy or otherwise loose those tapes rather than produce them to us, I guess my film crew from Emerson and I will have to re-enact what happened, Under Oath. The American and World public will shit a brick. So too will Attorney Cullen and his happy-assed, Civil Rights violating client. Larry Vogelman should have sued the living snot out of these people, more on this later as well.

And see, speaking of shit a brick, what happened in 2006 and how Mike Gannon ended up laying down the law and making that cop shit his pants is the real reason why they keep harassing him and why they refuse to return his $42K Chevy Avalanche. We will explain all of this to the Feds and to Nashua Aldermanic Chamber in due course, ahem.

Mike Gannon's trip to the FBI..... Nashua PD is going to be exposed.... heavily exposed.

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You're about to earn your money now Counselor.

21 JULY 2011
KingCast and Mike Gannon present: Semper Fi FBI Nashua Police Monell Claim post #1.

Thing is, there isn't anything you can do about the Truth coming out. You know damn well what I am talking about.

And Mike Delaney you're next. Charles Glenn and his attorney both telephoned me yesterday, that discovery packet had best hit my door in the next 4-5 calendar days.

Christopher King, J.D.
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