22 July 2011

KingCast and BMW say "Happy Birthday Alexander Calder!!!"

Here are the BMW art cars and here is my first post on them. I think the 3.0L CSL BMW Art Car is one of his last works as he left us in '76. Here is the Calder Foundation. And as fate would have it I came across a '74 BMW 2002tii with a center mount exhaust yesterday, just like my old car.... the one car I wish I had back. I caught up to the guy on Mass Ave, flipped him a card and told him to check for BMW here in the search box for the car (one and two) and Wagner Motorcycle pics and vids. He was as intrigued by the Triumph as I was by his ride. I gotta get me another tii before I check out of here. The new BMWs I never much give a second look, it's the old horsehair seat-stuffed models that make me smile. M10-M20-M30 all the way, folks. Well that and the 700. 

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Christopher King said...

That 700 is like the perfect date car.... head down Route 66, make a picnic..... throw a wicker basked in the back seat and get to motoring :)