21 July 2011

Dennis J. Curran: A Worcester, MA Judge's shady sanctions on Civil Rights attorneys Minchoff, Kuzma.

Absolutely absurd. But don't take my word for it.... read the documents on my Flickr account. Get this, a bald-faced lie, he wrote: 

"This court in 9 years has never issued a Rule 11 Sanction... I find [their conduct] repugnant."
However a 10-minute legal search reveals several instances where he barked at litigants and counsel and threatened them as well as the case of Azim Rawji et al. v UMASS, 25 Mass L. Rep 283 (March 6, 2009), Plaintiffs advancing Civil Rights related claims: Rule 11 Sanctions granted. He invites attorneys to file for sanctions all the time. I wonder what juicy facts he left out or twisted in the Rawji case as he did in this one.... Another intellectually, morally and ethically-challenged robe, sucking up my tax dollars. Is this him checking in at this late hour? Everybody loves the KingCaster, it don't matter what time it is... because I know what time it really is.
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