31 July 2011

KingCast presents: The Triumph Sprint 955i as Space Alien (2).

'Nuff sed. Here is Space Alien 1.

KingCast note to "Mike" at 781.812.2247: There was "recreational cocaine" in the Joseph Fasano/Jennifer Bynarowicz car, dammit.

I've received a number of unsolicited calls from a dude named "Mike" who often banters with me about how or why I should dump my Triumph and buy a Yamaha R1 or some other Jap bike..... to which I say:

"If I wanted an R1 I would have bought an R1."

Next issue: Yes Joey Fasano's car had cocaine in it so I don't care that you called me today bitching at me saying you spoke to him and he said there wasn't. Talk to the Police about it if you have a problem, specifically Detective James Lencki(617) 745-5752..... Not to mention the Suboxones.....
PS: I have clearly posted and discussed in KingCast video any and all potentially-related legal issues for the O'Connell family as well, but the thing is.... none of them tie in with the Defendant and you cannot impute or engraft the misdeeds of his uncle and cousin to him, duh. And lastly, are you really having the balls to call me a punk using Roxi Rose's law firm or is that a proxy number you somehow boosted? Yeah that's right dude keep on with your trash talk, I'm ready for you.... and below the fold are the emails to the Braintree/Quincy area attorney(s) associated with this phone number.

Unsolicited phone calls from "Mike" associated with your firm.

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


30 July 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies note to jackass Nashua PD and all Defense Counsel in KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, GOP, Nashua PD: You get what you give.

This is a simple lesson folks: See how well the LE in this video and I get along? That's how I get along with most LE because as a former LE Attorney I respect that badge 24/7. But see, when you have some of Nashua's finest abusing the public because they hate being caught on video acting like jackasses, the cure is to tell them to stop acting like jackasses.... instead of encouraging them to beat and mace the public. 

Brian when I asked you WTF they were feeding these guys after they wrongfully arrested my Indie Journo brother Dave Ridley and you said "Wheaties" I let it sit for a while........And I let it sit because I knew I would end up serving them some crow instead: Pamela Reynolds FBI Complaint + Mike Gannon FBI Complaint. So y'all sit and think about the legacy of that litigation..... I'm out for a Saturday excursion on the Triumph.

29 July 2011

Jackasses at Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg foreclosure mill vacate the office and call police on KingCast/Mortgage Movies.... police ask "What the fuck is going on?"

Whoa... read the Monday update, these guys lied to the Chief of Security about KingCast/Mortgage Movies so I am filing an Ethics Complaint on them with NJ Bar.

 "A big thanks to Christopher King at Mortgage Movies for the great video."
The movie is coming soon, hopefully late night but certainly by 8am as I am uber tired. This time I will simply quote from others at Lawyers and Settlements as the staff and lawyers at Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg vacate their office and call the police on KingCast/Mortgage Movies and an alleged debtor.  Too bad for them when LE arrived they actually agreed with us, and asked "What the fuck is going on here...."
I'll tell you what the fuck is going on here, is that Attorney John Narkin is getting ready to update his class action pleadings and add some things that I'm not going to get into in this space. Also it's not like they can make me go away.... I'll be at every single public hearing documenting all of this sketchy foreclosure action against a guy who has repeatedly asked to see verification of ownership and chain of title and offered payment on his "loan" which is more aptly described as an undisclosed investment contract making millions for greedy banks and their friends with every signature....... Meanwhile all I wanted to ask these knuckleheads was whether they had complied with   the current New Jersey mandate to Show Cause. To me it's a logical question because as I queried in my Ethics Fraud update against NH Hillsborough Judge Diane Nicolosi and  Schectman, Halperin Savage Attorney Shawn Masterson: Standing is Law School 101....Did you guys pass Civil Procedure class or not?
And who died and made Wells Fargo the Pope... they're more Perp than Pope but still getting away with it here and in the NH case.... Every time I see a law firm acting in this manner I am going to file a professional Ethics Complaint against them for conduct unbecoming.
Philadelphia, PA: Got to hand it to attorney John Narkin. He's got this foreclosure crisis thing figured out—well, near as anyone can figure it out. The 113-page class-action suit on behalf of distressed homeowners filed by Narkin's firm, BHN Law in Philly, lays out the whole sorry story in amazing detail, complete with links to video clips.

In addition to demanding that well-known culprits in the lending business pay up for the pain they caused, BHN also comes down hard on a law firm that worked with Wells Fargo, N.A., Countrywide, and others. It describes the firm in the documents filed as "a foreclosure mill" with a Gordon Gecko "greed is good" attitude.

"Obviously this is a national disgrace," says Narkin, whose firm specializes in hunting down boogie men involved in everything from securities fraud to consumer protection law.

"The tentacles of the foreclosure mess are amazing," says Narkin. "The mess created by predatory lending is one thing, but consider also what an awful investment collateralized debt lending turned out to be." (KingCast adds that there is yet more to this story but I'm not telling it right now. Just think about the duties to the Trust that are typically violated during collateralization).

Narkin's firm has devoted hundreds of hours to a class-action complaint that alleges that Countrywide, Wells Fargo and a "high-volume law firm," Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg, engaged in fraudulent schemes to collect inflated and manufactured foreclosure fees from financially troubled families in danger of losing their homes.

KingCast affiliate to retrieve the Defamatory Kelly Ayotte Senate Public Records request for KingCast v. Ayotte et al. legal defense funding.

Oh, yes indeed..... I told you a few days ago I was on this but I've been busy documenting Nashua Police abuse with the FBI...... But I have my people in D.C. and he will be able to manifest this by Monday if not today. Specifically he will do this:

Tell them you want to see the entire file but barring that specifically you need to know:
1. A copy of the Ayotte request for financial aid lawsuit defense.
2. An accounting of monies paid into it and the current balance.
3. The identity of those who paid.
4. The name of the trustee.
5. See if my Ethics Complaint is in the file.

I am not here to play around with this lying, feckless Tea Party toady. They can groom her for Veep all they want to but I will still be spreading the Truth about her wherever she goes.

28 July 2011

Nashua Police abuse survivor Pamela Reynolds and KingCast supplement the Mike Gannon FBI Complaint, she demands criminal discovery & video copy.

Movie by 8p. For now watch Mike Gannon's FBI and Nashua PD movie in which he demands his discovery. He called me today they told him he could pick up copies and charged him $25!!! Let's see what he gets. Anyway the FBI intake personnel took copious notes, and I explained.... Look... this is not a case where some jerk gets in the officer's way and unbalances a situation during exigent circumstances.... if that were the case I wouldn't be here...... And yes again to the FBI only the notepad and external office pictures were taken, rest easy. A reporter has to know his or her limits.... and so too must the Nashua PD.

Note: This is some heady material. Look at who is following, Wiggin & Nourie, who hosted recent NH Bar Association President Richard B. McNamara. In point of fact the current NH Bar Association President is my opposing counsel in KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD NH Dist. 2010-CV-501 at McLane, Graf Jennifer Parent, who got away without telling me that Magistrate Judge Landya B. McCafferty used to work with her and work under founder and Partner Jack Middleton.... at the same law firm as Defendant Kelly Ayotte. Come now folks we've all litigated in Federal and State Courts and we all know that omission is a huge no-no. But nothing will happen given her stature in the communitaaaaay.... Judge Barbadoro dismissed my 28 U.S.C. §455 Motion for Recusal with no analysis whatsoever, and denied me the Right to file a Third Amended Complaint even though Kelly Ayotte clearly defamed me before the U.S. Senate and the Nashua PD tacitly admitted to Mike Gannon that they hate KingCast and other Free Press video when they told him with their knees in the small of his back, and mace in his face "You're a YouTube Sensation." 

You better believe I know a thing or two about the First Amendment, and all of the Defendants' bullshit about how I "posed a threat" is just impliedly racist rhetoric, you know, the "DBM" Dangerous Black Man rap, been there done that. That game is so, so... tired. This is how I conduct myself when given even a modicum of respect, in Kelly Ayotte's office no less. The name of the blog is the name of the game, folks (vintage trial footage).

And BTW another former close friend of Kelly Ayotte is James Tenn, some of you may recall that Nashua PD opposing counsel Brian Cullen erroneously informed me that Mary Tenn was going to be representing Ayotte, but then they got a Judge they couldn't refuse. These guys all know I was an investigative reporter and Fed litigator, what makes them think I'm not going to raise these legitimate issues? By the time my Free Press lawsuit gets to SCOTUS Justice Kagan (whom Defendant Ayotte stated was not fit to sit on the bench) will smell the shit-show wafting in all the way from New Hampshire, none of it coming from my end. And oh, yah there's more... below the fold see how nice I was in helping them when they had a hard time with Removal to Federal Court, I did legal research for them.... then they turned around and f*ck*d me raw dog. I'll remember that at SCOTUS guys.

Kelly Ayotte GOP Nashua PD are not to be trusted:

Nashua Police Department gives Dave Ridley a TSA-style reach around because he had a camera..

Watch the actual footage as independent journo Dave Ridley describes the horrors as he alleges that Nashua PD grabbed his junk because he would not stop taping them. The thing is, he was complying with their orders to leave and was almost at his car, and they never told him he could not video capture. Too many Nashua PD are out of line, so Mike Gannon and I went to the FBI and Nashua PD last week and Pamela Reynolds (watch her witness statement) and I are going to the FBI today.

27 July 2011

U.S. Bank v. Kimball, (Vt. No. 2010-169) and other New England foreclosure cases beg the question: Did Diane Nicolosi and Shawn Masterson pass Civil Procedure class?

C'mon guys, we all went to law school..... What's the first thing you learn in Civil Procedure: Standing. It's pretty flipping simple -- if you don't have standing, get the hell out of here and stop wasting Judicial resources. New York Supreme Court Justice Schack will sanction your ass for that in New York. I get it, read my Rule 3.3. Candor to the Tribunal Ethics Complaint response to NH Bar. Florida Bar Association Ethics panel gets it, they ordered attorneys to disclose document irregularities such as those presented by robo-signers like Linda Green. My pals at Leagle get it, they posted the case of U.S Bank v. Kimball, (Vt. No. 2010-169, July 22, 2011) . Vermont Supreme Court gets it, they wrote the opinion. Massachusetts SJC gets it, they authored U.S. Bank v. Ibanez (SJC 10694 January 2011). And surprise, surprise even NH gets it when it wants to, ask Deutschebank. They love Mortgage Movies Journal BTW.

So why can't Hillsborough Superior Court Judge Diane Nicolosi or Schectman Savage lawyer Shawn Masterson get it? Is Wells Fargo in either of their investment pools or what? It is a logical question when you consider my video clearly shows Attorney Masterson as he testilies about the original mortgage and note when he has no more way of knowing the authenticity or trail of title than he knows the number of angels that dance on the head of a pin. It's all poppycock, balderdash..... (bruhahahaa... one for you KingCrimson fans).
So why isn't the major press featuring a daily or weekly Mortgage Movies column where they go into courtrooms and report developments in this crucial area that spawned one of the most-watched 60 Minutes episodes in recent history? Some like Alexander Higgins (great journal feature) and Ben Bagdikian before him have suggested, with substantial anecdotal evidence, that the major press is bought and sold. Having worked for major press and medium press. I'm not going to disagree. Throw in the entertainment sleaze portion to pay more bills and make more money and there you have the negative sum total of most so-called journalism in the United States. Viva the Fourth Estate, piffle.

PS: On a tangent of sorts, why was U.S. Public Defender Nancy Bergeson murdered?

NH Bar, regulatory agencies and Hillsborough County Court start dodging the KingCast/Mortgage Movies foreclosure ethics complaint

Mortgage Movies Wells Fargo Shawn Masterson Diane Nicolosi NH Trustee Sumski Ethics Complaint Response
I checked my mail on the way out for a ride. Wait till I get back home to show you the dodge and weave on my pending Ethics Complaint.... made all the better with the clear cut Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal policy in Florida that perfectly echoes the concerns highlighted in my Complaint, right on down to the "Linda Green" docs. There's even a question as to whether there is a complaint against Shawn Masterson but hey I must be allowed to file a complaint in NH on him because I saw him practicing law in an NH courtroom. Therefore he must be barred here even if pro hac vice they have jurisdiction over his actions.
Meanwhile Hillsborough South returned the copy of the Complaint I sent to Judge Diane Nicolosi because "You are not a party to this case." Silly.... I know damn well I'm not a Party to the Ingress case, what I am is a courtroom observer, former State Attorney and trained mortgage industry professional issuing an ethics complaint against Her Honor and Shawn Masterson. Party.... did someone say party? Party on, I say.

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Notice of Media Coverage in NJ Wells Fargo Foreclosure Case.

I told you in this journal entry last week I was headed down there, looks like sooner than later. Have camera will travel, as I told Eric Steele yesterday on his California talk show (link forthcoming). Or in the alternative if you have some raw footage and need a movie I can do that, as I did for this gentleman in Maryland as noted in this journal entry showing the FUBAR'd POTUS mortgage...... Whatever you need, I've got it. I cover corruption so I've got indefinite job security.

Emails between KingCast, Charles Glenn and Nashua PD lawyers show the fight for Justice is heating up in New Hampshire.

The emails speak for themselves: On Glenn, I had better have his criminal discovery materials in short order so that I can file my Ethics Complaint for Prosecutorial Misconduct on Kelly Ayotte successor Mike Delaney. On Nashua PD RSA 91-A and Mike Gannon 1) Nashua PD better give him immediate access to copy the video that is in their possession as exculpatory evidence -- it's not rocket science folks and 2) Nashua PD had better stop bullshitting and stalling on production of the 2002/3 complaint that I issued against a certain Detective after he entered and remained in my premises without my consent. While I actually get along well with most Nashua PD, this guy was a complete douchebag.

NOTE: The emails follow yesterday's short film chronicling Mike Gannon's attempts to obtain some measure of Justice; the Charles Glenn video is in production and will air later today, here is the first Charles Glenn journal entry and video highlighting the Prosecutorial Misconduct of Kelly Ayotte successor Michael Delaney/various NH LE.


25 July 2011

KingCast video: Mike Ganon Demands 2011 Exculpatory Evidence of Nashua PD First Amendment Beat Down, Macing.

You newbies best review FBI Semper Fi Post #1.
Savage Nation producer Eric Steele and I were having a chat about this and other troubling Banking Mortgage Fraud issues (see Mortgage Movies Journal) today.... more on this later. Meanwhile, Mr. Gannon and I even rode our motorcycles in the rain (apologies to Billy Joel) to Nashua PD to deliver our requests. Movie coming tonight. For now read the Semper Fi FBI journal entry from last week and read today's RSA 91-A Demand, above. I didn't read Mr. Gannon's Demand for Discovery but I know he basically hand wrote it, and Demanded access to the video. 
At one point in the lobby as you will see, I clarified that he doesn't even need to gain physical access to the video but that I will record it for him.
I will then turn over one video card to Nashua PD and keep 
one for Mr. Gannon and the World Public so that they can see I have not altered anything. Simple. Shouldn't be any need for litigation right.... but I bet that there will be litigation, and as a former LE Attorney I will be more than happy to bring it to them. City Attorney Brian Cullen is getting salty with me now that the FBI might investigate, not my fault. Read today's email exchange below the fold.

Brian Cullen to me
show details 3:08 PM (2 hours ago)


I responded to your July 5 and July 10 91-A requests on July 11.  By that same email, I noted that the City required 30 days to determine whether your July 11th request for what you termed at the time the

Nashua PD Tardy on KingCast RSA 91-A Demand for Police Complaint; re-enactment of 2006 Mike Gannon porch abuse looms large.

Tardy RSA 91-A response + pending re-enactment of 2006 porch abuse.

Dear Attorney Cullen, I am awaiting....

KingCast/Mortgage Movies salutes young blood in Japan for keeping it real as MSNBC "reporter" gets owned.

No I don't agree with him 100% but he is generally coming from The Real. I in turn shared with his viewers the FUBAR'd POTUS mortgage, some fake cops and another Internet Shill getting pwned by Yours Truly at the end of this movie. The "reporter" is clearly a mouthpiece for an agenda set down by some faux suck-ass "editor" just as Roll Call was for Senator Kelly Ayotte, see my related Ethics Complaint against Ayotte Chief of Staff John Easton, who couldn't give a damn about accuracy in his quest to obtain money to defend my Free Press lawsuit. I mean, damn guy, isn't it enough that you already have Landya B. McCafferty (Robing Room), a judge from Kelly Ayotte's old firm who also worked under and with my opposing counsel Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent, respectively? Meanwhile, who is this tool in the thumbnail at right? If your copyrighted image is so important why not respond to my inquiry with an offer of Proof of Claim, you know... like a B10 that NH U.S. Trustee Lawrence Sumski never investigates, check the pending Ethics Complaint mit video. 

Cats like him are lazy, crooked, stupid or all of the above IMO. Judge Schack over in New York can spot the issues ab initio (read below the fold).

"Do you have a degree in Journalism?"
"Yes I do... highest honors."
Totally PWNED!
KingCast: Degrees in Law, and Communication (focus Journalism and Rhetoric), former Title Insurance Producer.

Judge Schack is cool, Judge Diane Nicolosi (in the ethics complaint, supra) is not. She too, is either lazy, corrupt or stupid IMO.

Judge Schack Speaks Again

24 July 2011

KingCast.net: An official film maker for the 2011 JP Music Fest.

Here is the 2011 First Annual JP Music Festival website and Facebook and JP Gazette story. Well I guess the folks in JP liked what I did off-the-cuff, hand-held and with no lighting at a recent Rick Berlin show and at the Uforge Gallery so here we go! I really want to try to get at least a clip of all 20 bands, so I'll need a wingman. Good thing they thought to procure my services well in advance so I can get everything sorted!

PS: As if on cue, it pays to provide discounted services to do-goodnik causes -- I went out to the ATM and a stash of vinyl was being given away. I looked in it to find my Main N___ and (Liv Tyler's unofficial second father) Todd Rundren's Hermit of Mink Hollow, all set for my USB turntable, nice. It's a Love of the Common Man... turn your World around.... too late tomorrow, 'cos everyone... needs a love of the common man....

KingCast, the FBI, Mike Gannon, Maryland AG Robert McDonald all set to tag team Nashua and Massachusetts into the 21st Century: No more bogus "wiretap" prosecutions for taping police in public.

Maryland Attorney General Upholds Right to Video Traffic Stops
Maryland attorney general rules that state police were wrong to charge motorist with felony for recording his traffic stop.Anthony Graber traffic stopMaking a recording of a police traffic stop is not a crime in the opinion of Maryland's attorney general. In a ruling issued last month from the state's top law enforcement office, Chief Counsel Robert N. McDonald found the legal grounds weak for felony wiretapping charges of the type brought against a motorcyclist who posted a video of himself being arrested on YouTube. Maryland State Police had taken advantage of ambiguity in the law to prosecute Anthony Graber, 25 for the April 13 recording.

"No appellate decision in Maryland specifically addresses the application of that law to recording of police activity," McDonald wrote in his opinion.

Graber had been stopped for speeding on Interstate 95. While driving an unmarked car in plain clothes, Maryland State Trooper Joseph David Uhler cut off Graber as he brought his motorcycle to a stop. Uhler then jumped out of his car, gun drawn, commanding, "Get off the motorcycle" before identifying himself. Graber had a camera on his helmet that recorded the entire incident, which he later posted on YouTube (view video
). The sight of Uhler wielding his weapon in public over a traffic infraction drew a storm of criticism. Uhler responded by ordering his colleagues to raid Graber's residence and confiscate all of his computer equipment as evidence of wiretapping. By filing charges that could send Graber to prison for sixteen years, the state police wanted to send a clear message to anyone who might consider documenting police misconduct in the future.KingCast Note: The parallels between the Graber and Gannon cases are uncanny. I know the full story and will release specifics of it in Due Course, perhaps after my Emerson Film buddies and I re-enact Mr. Gannon's nightmare.
Under the interpretation of the state police and prosecutors, a police officer has an expectation of privacy while working on public streets. Ordinary citizens on those same streets, however, have no such expectation and are subjected to constant monitoring by the state's red light cameras, speed cameras and recently expanded automated license plate recognition systems. The attorney general's office examined the question of whether the conversation in a traffic stop constituted an "oral conversation" that is "intercepted" under the wiretap act if a citizen records the arrest. After considering a related attorney general ruling from 2000, McDonald ruled that there is no difference between a police officer and a citizen as far as the statute is concerned.

"The reasoning of that excerpt, which suggested that a police officer would not face prosecution or liability under the act for recording an arrest or traffic stop in a public place, would apply equally well to a private person involved in the same incident," McDonald wrote.

Several other states, with the exception of Massachusetts, have developed case law that clearly allows the recording of police traffic stops. The attorney general's ruling did not directly consider the details of the Graber case, but it concluded that the most likely outcome should it come to trial would be acquittal.

"A court could hold that a police stop of an individual necessarily is not a 'private conversation' and therefore does not involve an oral communication covered by the state wiretap act," McDonald ruled. "This conclusion would be consistent with the suggestion made in the 2000 opinion and with the holdings of the courts in most other states construing state eavesdropping statutes. Given the language of the Maryland statutes, this seems the most likely outcome in the case of a detention or arrest."

A copy of the decision is available in a 1.3mb PDF file at the source link below.

Source: PDF File On the Maryland Wiretap Act (Attorney General, State of Maryland, 7/7/2010)
As a former State AAG I have simply had enough of the bullshit, and because I am not married and have no children I have ample time to ride my little Triumph around and pursue Justice. Well it's a liter bike (like Anthony Graber's Honda) so it's not so little, but whatever, that's what I will do. And as I told you in Thursday's FBI post -- which is about to be updated with new video after a visit to Nashua PD tomorrow -- I will have no part of any attempted enforcement of arcane "wiretapping" laws that Massachusetts and New Hampshire legislatures cling to with the tenacity of a fly on shit -- which is basically what these laws are, just stinking bullshit. Nashua Town Counselor Brian Cullen has been warned in my RSA 91-A letter and I am just awaiting one final answer from them before the litigation jumps off. I have spoken with Learned Counsel in NH who has prevailed on many criminal cases using the First Amendment as an affirmative defense shield, but my pending lawsuit against Nashua PD for the 2006 and 2011 Mike Gannon videos is the first sword that I know of. 

As Bob Dylan told us, "The Times... They Are A' Changin....." Just more slowly in the so-called Progressive Bay and Live Free or Die States, fancy that.