09 June 2011

Prosecutor tells KingCast: "Cody Eller waived his Probable Cause hearing of 14 June, 2011."

New KingCast Motorsports movie coming tonight, 17 Nov. 2011 and Cody Eller Courtroom video tomorrow. When I told Demented Cycles owners Kevin and Charlie Russell about how Cody Eller intentionally rammed his car into a motorcyclist and shattered his leg, their jaws just about hit the ground.

Cody Eller Road Rage Awareness Ride Details, Thursday 2:30P

Here is your most prior update, with a link to the first video on the subject matter. Read more to see my comments to him relative to two other actually accidental teen driving accidents. Now it is up to County Prosecutor Dennis Hogan to do the right thing.

Dennis Mannion to me
show details 4:15 PM (5 hours ago)
Cody Eller has waived his right to a Probable Cause hearing so the case is being sent up to the County Attorney.
There will be no hearing on June 14, 2011.

MPtl. Dennis J. Mannion
Police Prosecutor
Pelham Police Department
14 Village Green
Pelham,NH 03076


Christopher King to Dennis
show details 5:30 PM (4 hours ago)
Yah I thought that might happen.
We will be waiting for him there, thank you for the update.
Kindest regards.
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Christopher King to Dennis
show details 9:08 PM (27 minutes ago)
PS: View this case in the context of the two deaths that occurred recently at the hands of teen drivers..... at least those were ACCIDENTS.

Aaron Deveau:

Heather Spencer:

Again, best regards.

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