29 June 2011

Updates: Fannie and Freddie Qui Tam actions + Politicos we love - AZ's Marshall Home; I wish he could help Lamar Gunn, who totally got screwed.

Prequel: Did you know that AZ racist, bigot, fiscally malfeasant, xenophobe Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not bonded? Nope, the County does it, self-insured style. Watch him get squirrelly during my impromptu interview with him at 2:35 in.

Prequel Too: Neil Garfield's Living Lies reports on the unsealed qui tam actions against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, #^&!@ Tax Thieves all the way!

Related: My Ethics Complaint against New England Counsel, Judge and U.S. Trustee is going out today.

“Lenders are gangsters, and they can’t prove they own these homes. So they have no right to foreclose,” said the 80-year-old self-professed billionaire from his real-estate and political office in Tucson on Tuesday. “I plan to continue to take homes from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I would buy them, but those groups(Fannie Mae and Freddie Maccan’t produce the notes showing they are the rightful owners to sell or foreclose on them.” 

I've got to get this guy on video. Anyway, on a related ummmmm... note, here is part of Mr. Gunn's story. As a financial planner he never missed a payment, there was a false debt on a prior Note that was paid off, a lie about which trust said loan was in, ab initio..... He has sent me more but I just don't have time to track it right now.  And it only gets worse as a husband-wifey team on the Superior and Appellate levels have it all sandbagged. The Appellate Judge issued the Oath of Office for the Lower Court Judge, what a crock. Image courtesy of my Internet Associate Arrestajudgekit.

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