28 June 2011

KingCast welcomes new riding partners to the Cody Eller motorcycle rage saga, Hillsborough South 226-2011 CR-429.

For you ADVRider guys coming in I see you in my tracker the conviction and possible New Trial matters are all linked, with courtroom videos here. And I spoke with William Hawksley here.

This would be much easier for me to convey if certain members and admins had not engaged in knee-jerk reactionary politics and played Lord of the Flies and booted me off. Whatever, I still follow through on what I fucking said I would fucking do, which was to ride my bike to the trial, provide professional coverage and commentary and inform the general and motorcycling community. Those of you who don't like that.... can kiss my black ass.


Great to meet you folks at the parking spaces I helped to create! Here is your Cody Eller KingCast Motorsports courthouse movie from the Salem District Court Probable Cause hearing (continued and waived) and here is your Cody Eller backdrop from bike week (movie coming this week). Cody Eller, who admitted to intentionally using a deadly weapon to strike a motorcyclist was bound over to Hillsborough South where the next Grand Jury will return something either 3rd week of July or August. I cannot see how they could fail to indict for 1st Degree Assault rather than the 2nd Degree he is currently facing. I rode a 650R as does one of he riders I met today as I said "Your bike is kind of better in the city than the Triumph."

The 650R's biggest criticism -- "that think feels like a bicycle with an engine" -- is also its greatest attribute. It rides much lighter than it weighs, and the engine note as it approaches powerband is sublime. Kawasaki nailed it.

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