22 June 2011

KingCast watches from afar, blowing rails of recreational cocaine as Robert O'Connell road rage case heads to hearing 24 June, 2011.

Yeah folks unfortunately I will be out-of-pocket Friday for the next scheduled hearing in the Quincy Cocaine Road Rage case discussed in the above video. Said video of course also addresses the initiation of cocaine distribution and statutory rape charges against prominent Quincy developer William O'Connell  As you can hear in the video and as you can see by this prior journal entry, alcohol, drugs, violence and death flow freely in Quincy, not only for the O'Connell family but for the putative victim Joey Fasano as well he was on paper for a DV and William O'Connell's son violently offed his girlfriend.... Whoa, WTF is in the water down there, folks?

Oh, wait, I know, I know Mr. Cotter.... COCAINE!!!

I dunno..... but seriously, I'll be out of town but I'm not blowing any rails I can tell you that much. And if I wanted to, I know some former clients who can prolly find me that special "recreational" strain that Fasano and Jennifer Bynarawicz (who used to date William O'Connell, ahem) got their hands on such that if I get pulled over with some of it on my face like Joey Fasano, I can just tell the cops "hey, piss off, mate... I'm rollin' with this soopah' fine lady and this is just recreational cocaine so you can't even write me up for that.... care for a bump?"

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