08 June 2011

KingCast sees police out of control in Miami Florida, smashing innocent videographer's camera!

Here is the story, glory. Basically the cops, after shooting and killing someone, turned guns on a guy and his lady because they were armed with a camera, the most dangerous thing possible.... They were smarter than these jackass hater pigs however, and kept a SIM card in the mouth while the cops threatened their lives for no lawful reason whatsoever. There is simply no excuse for that sort of shit. Absolutely Pathetic.

  • Beyond fucked up that they all shot theyre mags into the car, THEN aimed their guns at you, an innocent bystander that really did nothing wrong... Needs to be investigated, i cant believe they handled it such a way...
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The related video is of a Boston area LE getting up in my face even as I tell him "you're doing a great job....."

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