14 June 2011

KingCast says "Marty Marty Marty Lentz..... what the hell are you doing there in Cleveland Heights, police violence.... tuning up that suspect?"

If that's the Martin Lentz I think it is, I am royally pissed at him for this. There were certain elements in the Cleveland Heights PD who ran the show like a damn dragnet, but for each of those there was a cool one. I always thought Junior would be a cool one, but I see at least in this instance.... he is not. Here's the story and video of a Cleveland beatdown eerily similar to that suffered by my client Michael Isreal in Hamilton, Ohio April Fool's Day 1996. I got him $57,500.00 in 1998 and a finding that the cops made him a victim of violent crime, thanks Dr. Sogg for your expert evaluation of his throat injury report from the ER. With inflation that's.....$79,338. Anyway ask Marty if he remembers the apartments over there behind Coventry, Lancashire, Hampshire one of those....... Yessum 'nuff sed.

As my comments indicate I'm pretty sure his father was Cleveland Heights Chief forever and a day, let's see to it that no special favors are granted here on the Discovery or Motions, like that corrupt and Federally-convicted Judge Steven Terry from Cuyahoga County I just journalized on yesterday morning...... It's usually all about the money folks. Here is vintage 1997 Michael Isreal Jury walk prep video as his mother's civic award-winning garden becomes a "high crime area!" Mr. Isreal's narration begins just after the 1:45 mark, it's a hoot. Enjoy.

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