13 June 2011

KingCast presents to Hillsborough County Attorney Dennis Hogan..... The Cody Eller Road Rage Awareness ride: Triumph Peacemobile meets a violent, dangerous thug.

New KingCast Motorsports movie coming tonight, 17 Nov. 2011 and Cody Eller Courtroom video tomorrow. When I told Demented Cycles owners Kevin and Charlie Russell about how Cody Eller intentionally rammed his car into a motorcyclist and shattered his leg, their jaws just about hit the ground.

Woo-Hoo! Bike Week updates from Broken Spoke & Laconia HD.

From pretty much every motorcyclist in the World to Hillsborough County Attorney Dennis Hogan: Do the Right Thing. 

BTW the Peacemobile is a result of an honest accident as opposed to the vicious attack that could predicate attempted manslaughter or murder in many jurisdictions....
and I will soon receive compensation for that. Bessie has war wounds (video here) neatly covered for the time being. No I did not pursue PI damages but I very easily could have but I'm not into bullshit. I only want what I am owed, contrary to the ruminations of various Internet trolls and government dimbulbs like Senator Kelly Ayotte's Chief of Staff John Easton, now facing a Senate Ethics Complaint.

I'm flat out, here is the quick and dirty given that Cody Eller waived his Probable Cause hearing:
We will be up at Bike Week Tuesday with flyers and T-shirts and planning for a ride on Thursday, visor down 2:30p looks like this, I will roll the video past the State House
http://mapq.st/iojIdo .

Sidestands up, 2:30p:   Broken Spoke Saloon
stop 2 --  Loudon past NH International Speedway
stop 3 --  ride past NH State House
stop 4 --  stop at NH Veterans Cemetary
end:   --   Tilton Diner

On further review it will not run past the Eller home, only because it is a horrible ride, all highway. I will run lead with front rider and hop off to roll video of all bikes passing by and interviews before and later. We must show strong, unmitigated courtesy but with righteous indignation. He needs to see the inside of a prison and I will be watching Hillsborough County Attorney Dennis Hogan like a hawk to see what kind of back door deal he might cut to keep this punk from the KingCast Courthouse Cameras.

We have to show them what we are made of, and strength through presence and solidarity. Give the haters NOTHING to come back at us with. We are not here to give anyone any shit but we are not here to take it either.

Stay tuned and watch my site and the BON threads,
Peace... and respect :)

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