24 June 2011

KingCast and Judas Priest present: Breaking the Law -- Robert O'Connell Quincy Cocaine Road Rage Motion Hearing.

27 June update: Courthouse video and full movie coming by 8ish. Okay, 9ish, it is exporting now at 8:10 and boy is it a HOOT! What, 55 in a 30? No seatbelt? I wonder if there's more to the story..... Definitely Breaking the Law, Joseph Fasano sure does like to be Living After Midnight, as if he was Hell Bent for Leather, but if he thinks he can fool the KingCaster He's Got Another Thing Coming!

Prior Journal Entries and vids are here.

Friday I got to ask about recreational cocaine in open court hahahaaaa.... Got that on video LOL.

Late night update: Telephone records subpoenaed, more on the final video. Joey Fasano Medical Records request taken under advisement. Big time Civil Lawyers show up for a criminal hearing, interesting. More on these issues and other issues soon.

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