27 June 2011

KingCast presents Quincy Road Rage Joseph Fasano, Jennifer Bynarowicz and Robert O'Connell: Casey watch that speed....

28 Sept. Update:  Here are my links relative to the phone call I got from area writer Alyssa Giacobbe who just published in the Boston Globe.

Fact:  Further sleuthing reveals a West Roxbury 3pm drug bust for Suboxones and marijuana in a known drug area, he tried to evade LE:

"I was trying to dump you guys."

Why was this initially not presented to me at the Courthouse? New movie soon, possibly an ethics complaint as well. Don't try to fade the KingCaster, this is not my first trip around the block. Nor is it Fasano's apparently, as he made several trips around the block that night trying to "clean himself" of the unwanted attention. 

8:20p Thought of the Day: Was Joseph Fasano on Suboxones AND cocaine when he rushed at Robert O'Connell? Look at O'Connell.... I doubt he's ever seen a barfight. Look at Fasano, big no-neck brother strong as an ox... basically a bicep with a face, right. I would have bust a cap too. Well first I would have gone for the kneecap but barring that.....

Dude was hanging out on a sunny day with know drug felons and turning hot laps about the cemetery, which of course reminds me of a song: A dreaded sunny day.... so I'll meet you at the Cemetery Gates...... LOL.

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